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The Real Congregation :: Episode My Eye :: 04/01/14

Posted by MarcWithaC on April 1, 2014

The Real CongregationInitially, we’d planned on throwing you a themed episode that would expand on an earlier set of episodes. Due to the craziness that ensued for the entirety of the Nerdy Show staff during March 2014, Marc opted instead to try and get you all somewhat caught up to where he’s at in “The Journey”: an alphabetical trip through his record collection, and he plays you some highlights of where he’s at!


  1. Earache My Eye :: Cheech & Chong
  2. Sick & Tired :: The Cardigans
  3. Lemon Horses :: Casper & The Cookies
  4. Keep Talking :: Casper & The Cookies
  5. Guenther :: Chauchat
  6. A Summer Song :: Chad & Jeremy
  7. What’s a Normal Person? :: The Charade
  8. Rocket Out Of Time :: Seana Carmody
  9. Rudy Can’t Fail :: The Clash
  10. Man Smart, Woman Smarter :: Chubby Checker
  11. Let’s Go :: The Chipmunks
  12. The Light Burns On :: Clark Hutchinson
  13. Upon This Tidal Wave Of Young Blood :: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
  14. I See Things :: The Choir Practice
  15. When Love Comes :: Susan Christie
  16. Stuff And Nonsense :: Belinda Carlisle



About MarcWithaC

I was born at a very young age. After that, I made a lot of records. Used to host The Real Congregation for Nerdy Show. Now I just sort of pop up when needed, and I'm the general manager for Nerdy.FM, our 24/7 radio station dedicated solely to nerdy music! Also, still making records.

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