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The Real Congregation :: Virtual Tours Of Unmapped Cities :: 5/14/13

Posted by MarcWithaC on May 14, 2013

The Real CongregationDespite our best attempts at atlases and map making  there are still a few cities that Rand McNally won’t be able to assist you in finding. Come along with your virtual tour guide, Marc With a C, as he leads you through some of these, shall we say, “less traveled” destinations. Some of these places are pretty seedy, but as long as we stay together, we should be okay, right?



  1. Cities :: Talking Heads
  2. Armenia City In The Sky :: Petra Haden
  3. Money City Maniacs :: Sloan
  4. City Of Tiny Lites :: Frank Zappa
  5. Tipp City :: The Amps
  6. City Of Love :: Yes
  7. Old City :: Tsunami
  8. Fist City :: Loretta Lynn
  9. Buttplug City :: Rappy McRapperson
  10. Robot City :: Some Girls
  11. City Of Models :: Dan Bern
  12. City Of Motors :: Soul Coughing
  13. Shortboard City :: The Tyde
  14. Surf City :: Jan & Dean
  15. Coochie Dip City :: Das Racist
  16. Sparkle City :: Shuggie Otis



  • Gimpeyjoe

    Machinedrum just put a new entry into the fold this month. Vapor City is an electronic concept album centered around the eponymous fictional city, each track a different neighborhood.

  • MarcWithaC

    Thanks for the heads up. We’ve played Machinedrum related material before, and that’d make for a great addition to a sequel, no?

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