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The Real Congregation :: It Ain’t Braggin’ If It’s True :: 4/30/13

Posted by MarcWithaC on April 30, 2013

The Real CongregationMarc With a C took a sabbatical for the last episode, but now his batteries are recharged, and he’s ready to delve into his record collection once again. This time around, he’s bringing you a few new releases and more than a few tasty nuggets from the alphabetical journey through his own archives. Dig it!


  1. You Should Consider Having Sex With A Bearded Man :: The Beards
  2. Look Out :: Os Mutantes
  3. Zero Man ::Milk Carton Superstars
  4. Leave Your Head Alone :: Meat Puppets
  5. Islands (She Talks In Rainbows) :: Guided By Voices
  6. Tiger Woods :: Dan Bern
  7. Now They’ll Sleep :: Belly
  8. Puttin’ It Down :: Beck
  9. Soul Sucking Jerk :: Beck
  10. Sex (I’m a…) :: Berlin
  11. Funny Little Frog :: Belle & Sebastian
  12. Co-Coward :: Bettie Serveert
  13. September Gurls :: Big Star
  14. Horrible Day :: Frank Black & The Catholics
  15. Threshold Apprehension :: Black Francis
  16. So Long, So Long :: Chumbawamba



  • Nathaniel

    Oh my god. I know that Berlin track, but not from them… Werid Al covered it in one of his Super-Polka track. I always wondered what that one was, as it was one of the few I didn’r recognize at all. Thanks for clearing up that mystery, Mark!

  • Nathaniel

    D’oh! I mean Marc! Sorry :(

    • Cap

      That’s the first place I heard it too. It’s gotta be the most explicit thing Al’s ever recorded. It was “Polkas on 45″ from In 3D:

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