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The Real Congregation :: Post Lunch Tranquility :: 03/19/13

Posted by MarcWithaC on March 19, 2013

The Real CongregationWe can assure you that there’s never been a more bizarre episode of The Real Congregation. Marc With a C plays some new releases, walks you through a huge block of Strange Records that he found during one days worth of diggin’, and goes on at length about the film Searching For Sugar Man, including a gaping plot hole that has actively been keeping him awake at night. You’re gonna hear more weird stuff per capita in this tour hours than we’ve ever played in one shot!




  1. Earth Rocker :: Clutch
  2. The Stars (Are Out Tonight) :: David Bowie
  3. You’re On Fire :: They Might Be Giants
  4. The Last Pigeon In America :: Milk Carton Superstars
  5. Long Tall Sally :: The Beatles
  6. The Homecoming Queen’s Got A Gun :: Julie Brown
  7. Lapti Nek :: Urth
  8. We Got Da Beat :: L’Trimm
  9. You’re My Superwoman, You’re My Incredible Man :: Louise Mandrell & R.C. Bannon
  10. AeroBeerSize :: The Brewer Bros
  11. Holiday Rap :: MC Miker G & Deejay Sven
  12. Headhunter (v 1.0) :: Front 242
  13. Master Jack :: Four Jacks And A Jill
  14. Cause :: Rodriguez






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