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The Real Congregation :: Our Top 20 Favorite Records Of 2012 :: 01/08/12

Posted by MarcWithaC on January 8, 2013

The Real CongregationHappy 2013! It’s that time again, when the seasons change and a young person’s fancy turns to that of The Real Congregation’s favorite records of 2012.

Marc With a C counts ‘em down in in descending order, giving a little bit of insight about his picks, plus playing a highlight from each album.

Are you ready?


  1. Every Little Hair Knows Your Name :: Jens Lekman Every Little Hair Knows Your Name - I Know What Love Isn't
  2. I Wanna Be Degraded :: Colleen Green I Wanna Be Degraded - Milo Goes to Compton
  3. Sixteen Saltines :: Jack White Sixteen Saltines - Blunderbuss
  4. Confessions Of A MILF :: Viv Albertine Confessions of a MILF - The Vermilion Border
  5. The Day I Got AIDS :: The Frogs The Day I Got Aids - Squirrel Bunny Jupiter Deluxe
  6. Liberal Arts :: Hospitality Liberal Arts - Hospitality (Bonus Track Version)
  7. Quasar :: The Smashing Pumpkins Quasar - Oceania
  8. The Preceding Events :: Satellite High & Madd Caesar
  9. Amy (aka Spent Gladiator 1) :: The Mountain Goats Amy aka Spent Gladiator 1 - Transcendental Youth
  10. All She Cares About Is Mariachi :: The Magnetic Fields All She Cares About Is Mariachi - Love at the Bottom of the Sea
  11. Princess With Orange Feet :: Suzanne Ciani Princess With Orange Feet - Lixiviation
  12. So Goes Love :: Carole King So Goes Love - The Legendary Demos
  13. Selfmachine :: Juliana Hatfield Selfmachine - Juliana Hatfield
  14. Some Things About Me You Should Know :: Steve Poltz Some Things About Me You Should Know - Noineen Noiny Noin
  15. Keep It In Motion :: Guided By Voices Keep It In Motion - Class Clown Spots a UFO
  16. Incapable Of Love :: Dexys
  17. Slinky Thing :: Donald Fagen Slinky Thing - Sunken Condos
  18. Reason With Me :: Sinead O’Connor Reason With Me - How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?
  19. We Draw Lines :: Blinker The Star We Draw Lines - We Draw Lines
  20. Sister Wife :: Alex Winston


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