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Season 4 Episode 47 :: E3 2012 Hype

Posted by NerdyShow on June 1, 2012

Next week is E3 2012.  We’ve covered the last two years, but so far this is the most mysterious year.  There’s big announcements expected, but aside from a handful of titles and lots of very flimsy speculation – we’ve got no clue what’s in store for us.  This is also the first year we’re covering for Bleeding Cool – so expect to get the latest on comics and pop culture-inspired games. Join Cap, Hex, Colin, Matt, and Brandon to find out what our E3 plans are, and how YOU can be a part of our E3 2012 experience.

Watch the Microsoft and Sony Press Conferences along with us!

Monday, June 4th

Microsoft at 9:30am – Pacific time
Sony at 6:00pm – Pacific time

We’re attending the Nintendo press conference in person, but this coming Monday, join us on Nerdy Show Live. Stream the shows via your favorite means of viewing and hang out with us as we react to the latest announcements!


  1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  ::  NESkimos


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