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Triforce Mike Fan Tribute-Sode

Posted by NerdyShow on March 7, 2012

Over a month has passed since the tragic loss of Triforce Mike.  Time may be a healer, but it’s taken a lot to come to terms with the loss of such a legendary personality as Mike. Here on the Nerdy Show end of things, one of the most healing things we did was record the Triforce Mike Tribute and share stories of what Mike Pandel meant to us and what a difference he made in the world.  Thanks to the efforts of Igolem, fans and friends who weren’t able to take part in the various tributes now have a chance to speak out and share their memories.

Mike’s love of life changed lives from afar.  His charismatic and insane presence shaped those who knew him. If you ever laughed along with him, or dared to be different, you’ll carry him with you wherever you go.  On behalf of everyone here at Nerdy Show, we’d like to thank our amazing fans who’ve helped us through this tough time, and those amazing friends and listeners who were able to contribute to this recording.  It means a lot.


  • MuckRaker

    ? Courage

  • MuckRaker

    Strike that, apparently Triangles do not translate on WordPress. But you know what I was posting anyway.

  • Cap

    @MuckRaker Aye, lad. Courage.

  • OmniG-Sage0

    Agh crap, i didn’t say my name in my clip lol.

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