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Pokéballs of Steelix :: Episode 0 :: Pokésode Plaid

Posted by NerdyShow on April 14, 2011

pokeplaid 300The Pokéballs of Steelix journey begins here!

Embark with us into the ball tossin’, animal fightin’ world of Pokémon!  It’s a full house in the Nerdy Show studio- Join Cap, Hex, Triforce Mike, Tony, Brandon, and Jonna. Hex is our game master and the rest of us are a rag-tag group of Pokémon trainers in-training.  If you love Dungeons & Doritos, Pokémon, both, or possibly neither – you might be totally into this! Below you’ll find just the RPG content of the Nerdy Show episode “Pokésode Plaid” – the first installment of Pokéballs of Steelix!

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Nerdy Show’s Pokémon Character Sheets:

Darin Kobe :: Jamesy Roquette :: Jumanji McGee

Martin Iuntiaughu :: Tark


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