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The State of the Empire – Star Wars Coloring Contest

The Force has Awakened and with it the inner child of every adult the world over. Only fitting that this would synch up with the rising craze of “adult coloring books”.  Nerdy Show and our Star Wars speculation podcast, State of the Empire, want you to harness your dormant colorizing skills and use them for good.  …In a blood-thirsty coloring contest.


See Who Won & View All the Entries!

[Winners announced in State of the Empire Episode 20]

Bring our episode art to life and you could win fabulous Star Wars prizes! Don’t let a thing like age keep you from exploring the joys of bringing a picture to life with color. After all, comic book colorists work that magic every day. Just download the art below and GET COLORING! [Keep scrolling for a full list of prizes, rules, and how to enter.]

state of the empire coloring contestListen to State of the Empire, while you color! We launch the contest in episode 18, “Prelude to the Awakening“.

The Prize Packs

We’ve got three unique Star Wars prize packs at stake. 1st place gets first pick, then 2nd, then 3rd receives whichever pack is left. We might add to these as the contest goes on – keep an eye on this page to see what’s new. PHOTOS COMING SOON!


:: Micro Machines Pack ::

micromachines prize packThree playsets from Cap’s personal collection. Loose and includes all pieces.

  • R2D2 / Jabba’s Palace Transforming Action Set
  • Boba Fett / Cloud City Transforming Action Set
  • Imperial Guard / Death Star II Transforming Action Set
  • Star Wars Fan Club Han Solo/ Millennium Falcon Gift Pack – 23,698 of 26,000
  • Sci-Fried’s Co-Op Mode
  • A Star Wars Reads Day Pin
  • A Poster For Marvel’s Star Wars


:: Comic Pack ::

marvel comics prize packRead the new official Star Wars cannon! These issues come from Cap’s personal collection. The Star Wars and Darth Vader issues include the full runs through the “Vader Down” storyline.

  • Star Wars (Written by Jason Aaron) Issues 1-14
  • Darth Vader (Written by Keiron Gillen) Issues 1-15
  • Vader Down (1-shot by Jason Aaron)
  • Princess Leia (Written by Mark Waid) Issues 1-5  NEW
  • Shattered Empire (Written by Greg Rucka) Issues 1-4  NEW
  • Sci-Fried’s Co-Op Mode
  • A Star Wars Reads Day Pin
  • A Poster For Marvel’s Star Wars


:: Jar Jar’s Party Pack ::

jar jars party packOkeeday, boyos! Meesa thinkin’ yousa gonna love theesa bombad Star Wars foofas!

  • Episode I: Anakin’s Podracer Taco Bell Toy – In Package! NEW
  • Episode I: Queen Amidala’s Royal Starship Taco Bell Toy
  • Return of the Jedi Special Edition: Boba Fett and Sarlacc Pit Taco Bell Toy
  • The Notorious Episode VIIChewbacca Notebook
  • Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D Poster NEW
  • Sphero T-Shirt (Makers of the Robotic BB8) – Large NEW
  • Sci-Fried’s Co-Op Mode
  • A Star Wars Reads Day Pin
  • A Poster For Marvel’s Star Wars


Rules and How to Enter


Due Date

All entries must be received by January 31st, 2016 at 11:59am. Email .jpg or .png image files to Winners will be announced in an episode of State of the Empire following that date.

What Kind of Coloring is Allowed?

You can use ANY METHOD to color the above image. Print out the image and use crayons, markers, or color pencils. Go mixed media! You can even use digital coloring methods!

What’s Going to Win?

It’s not necessarily about who does the best formal coloring job, it’s about character. It’s up to you to bring this page to LIFE and how you do this is going to give you an edge. We’re not looking for “correct”, we’re looking for “awesome”.

Can I Change the Art?

Let’s say “yes.” This is a canvas for you to go nuts on. Do the coolest/ funniest/ weirdest thing you can do and we’ll judge accordingly.

Who Can Enter and How Many Times Can I Enter?

Anyone over 18 years old can enter – but you can only enter once. Persons under 18 can have their art submitted by someone over 18, but that will count as the 18+ party’s entry. (If you’re submitting for someone younger, please let us know so we can give proper credit.)

Prizes will ship from the United States. International entries are accepted, but if mailing costs exceed $20 we reserve the right to withhold the prizes. In that event, the winner will be notified and we’ll do our best to work out a mutually acceptable resolution.

Image Sizes

Images should be in .jpg or .png formats. For physical pieces, please scan if possible. If scanning isn’t an option, you may take a photo of your piece, but please try to make sure it’s a good quality photo, or it might adversely affect your chances.

We may use the winning image as the art for a future episode of State of the Empire. If you’d like to make sure that’s a possibility please be sure that your piece is at least 300 dpi and 2000 x 2000 px.

How to Submit Your Entry

Email with the heading “Star Wars Coloring Contest” and…

  • Your image or a link to where your image can be downloaded
  • Your name and/or handle (What we’ll call you if you win)
  • Your age
  • Your mailing address



  • Let us know the medium(s) you colored in
  • Include a message

Any submissions found to be fraudulent or not meeting the requirements of an official submission will be disqualified. Nerdy Show reserves the right to repost or redistribute any content submitted to contest. Questions or comments, e-mail



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