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Take up a Trade on the Server of Awesome

Have you ventured out into the digital frontier of endless, nerdy possibilities known as the Server of Awesome (SoA)? Then perhaps you’d like to make it your home!  If you want to become an honorary citizen of the Server of Awesome or assist with the community then you can apply for a “Trade”.  Trades are the job class system within the server.

To apply for a Trade, fill out the applications below.  If you meet all the criteria, you’ll be added.

Prospector – Basic server membership and opens up chest/door locking and community warps.

Being a “Prospector” on the SoA means that you’re a full-fledged inhabitant of the server, and a community member in good standing. Think of it as the basic membership. You like surviving in the wilderness, making your own way, but you’re afforded a few luxuries that can help you protect your belongings and participate in the community.

Shopkeep – A more restricted trade, capable of spawning material kits. Shopkeeps have a responsibility for maintaining community material centers.

Being a “Shopkeep” on the SoA means that you’ve made a commitment to serving the community. With your kits you’re entrusted to build at least one community Materials Center and maintain it.

“Lawman” – invite only, for long-time SoA players. Protectors of the SoA.

Being a “Lawman” on the SoA means that you’re interested in participating directly in protecting the server, preserving peace, and upholding the server rules. Full list of Lawmen here.
“Architect” – invite only, for long-time SoA players. Master builders of the SoA.

Being an “Architect” on the SoA means that you’re interested in primarily construction of large-scale projects and have been a long-time contributor to the SoA.
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