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Nerdy Show is proud to present Nerdy Showcase!  A collection of amazing projects that snuggle up nicely next you our (and your) refined nerd sensibilities.  If ye be in search of awesomeness look no farther- everything herein has received our official stamp of AWESOMOCITY. Now go… play…



The indie game world is filled with a wonderland of good, and not-so-good flash games, and game-streaming sensation, Kilplix is your go-to guy to sample the world’s best and worst. His Flash Game Review video series is a weekly adventure into web-based weirdness. Whether your a fan of his freak-outs or flash fun, this is a one-stop-shop for checking out new and awesome web-based gaming.



Wicked Anime brings you awesome animated commentary on the regular – including events coverage, news and reviews. Join Andrew and Jonathan as they adventure deep into Japanimation with funny and insightful video commentary! Follow Wicked Anime on facebook or tumblr.

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