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Episode /34/ Art Contest – Winners & Submissions NSFW

As prompted by our 34th episode, Episode /34/ – see the rules and regs here. Each of the winning entries wowed us with a different aspect of /34/ that we love and each will receive a poster print of our uncensored Episode 34 Cover art.  However, only one can receive Cap’s original art of Peach and Daisy.  Find out how we chose our winner in Episode 17: Your Wincest is in Another Castle.


1st place –


“Dr. Zoidberg fertilizing eggs” by Flaninja

katt & nina

Katt & Nina from Breath of Fire 2 by Ricardo Garza

Vlaakith Getting Pounded

Vlaakith, the Lich Queen of the Githyanki and a lover – art by Kinky Jimmy, commissioned by Dreadwhoop


Other entries:


Atomic Robo by Flaninja

Late submission:


Atomic Robo by Matasm


Thanks to all our contestants for an amazing contest.  Be sure to keep an eye out and an ear peeled for our next art contest!

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