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Bathtime with Eric

  1. Bathtime with Eric :: 5/19/14 :: Who Gives a Batfleck?

    From the pages of Flame On: Nerdy Show’s All-Gay, All Geek Podcast – it’s Bathtime with Eric! The Diva Daddy with a Jean Grey complex slips into a bubble bath to share his nerd news highlights of the week. In this episode, Eric talks about Batman’s new duds in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, […]

  2. VIDEO: Bathtime with Eric :: 3/3/14

    Eric laments the forthcoming creative team change on Wonder Woman, braces himself for the death of Nightwing, and talks about the latest in comic book films!

  3. VIDEO: Bathtime with Eric :: 2/3/14

    This week, Eric talks about the costuming for the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past film, the casting news for Superman/Batman and the latest in comics!

  4. VIDEO: Bathtime with Eric :: 1/20/14

    This week, Eric talks about the latest news about forthcoming Marvel and DC TV and film – also juicy casting rumors. And in comics, Trial of Jean Grey starts! What will become of Eric’s fiery avatar?

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