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Derpy Show :: Episode 41 :: Derp-O-Ween III

Posted by boR on October 24, 2014

Derp-o-ween-IIIMmMmuuUUAhahHAhAhhAhhAh! The Derps have been summoned for yet another Derp-O-Ween celebration! This time around, the gang delves into the dark and dreary past of our good friend Neofaust, who was deprived of the bare necessities as a child. RoboJoe shares an interesting perspective on “just the tip”, and reviews the new Bob’s Burgers porn parody. boR rejoices as he can finally review Soylent after many many moons. The whole crew dusts off the chopter and embark on the chopter’s most bizarre spectral adventure yet.

But wait there’s more! Random Encounter sent over an exciting new track for us to share with you, Christmas creeps up on us yet again, and all kinds of musical hijinks ensue on the creepiest and herpiest new episode of Derpy Show that you’ve heard in months!

boR, Neofaust, RoboJoe, Tony, DJ Snorlax





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