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Wicked Anime Podcast :: Episode 006 :: The Episode You Skip

Posted by Wonder-Twin on November 12, 2012

We’ve all had stressful days before, you know the ones; someone’s put a hit out on you, or you’re about to face your greatest foe.  So, the most logical thing to do in said situation is to go to a hot spring or play a soccer game or two.  Anime has long made use of the dreaded filler episode, but is the filler episode so much of a curse, or a gift?  Put on your swimsuits! This episode, we talk about Disney Voltron, Prairie Oysters, and Seinfeld: the Anime!

Join Jonathan, Andrew, Dillon, Lerok, and Chris as they talk about what they’re currently watching and their favorite [?] filler episodes!



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  • MrJMir

    Personally I find some filler episodes to be good for either character development or for fleshing out more of the world. One you mentioned, the bubble guy in Naruto, it was implied that he was the 7 tail jinjuriki, but Naruto did not notice. He could have prevented his capture if he had been more aware. They also showed the power of nature chairs for the first time, so it was ironically a rather informative set of fillers.

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