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Nerdy Show, Dungeons & Doritos, and all of our content here is fan-supported - even the web comics.

The regular support button goes directly to funding the show, but this tip button goes directly to the artists. If you're a fan of Lefty & Jamela and want to give Local-Shop and Cap a tip for all their hard work this is the place to do it!

What's more, when you drop a tip in the tip jar you get the same Nerdy Perks you'd get for supporting the show, including D&D and L&J art.

Just insert the dollar amount of your tip:

If you've got something you'd like to say to 'em use this form (Max of 200 characters) or post on the forums. We send donation perks to your PayPal e-mail by default, if you have a preferred e-mail, include it here.

<<====Finish up with a click on this TIP BUTTON. That will take you over to PayPal to complete the transaction...

You make awesome comics possible - THANKS!




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