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$UPPORT THE SHOW and we’ll write the FAN FICTION of your chosing

May Support Drive Winner:

Weekend at Bernie’s 3: Night of the Living Bernie – Trench88, BigBadShadowMan – $94

Lost Season 6: Redux – MiserableRainGod  $40
Kirby’s Erotic Dream Land– Been, Adept Legacy – $40
Rewrite My Immortal – frozentreasure, ViralDemon – $30
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Reboot – Zombiepops – $10
“Dungeons & Doritos/ Willy Wonka” – Caitlin Krueger – $10
My Little Ponies/ Dungeons & Doritos – Brent Bouchard – $6
Mr. T/ Twilight – Ross Butler – $5
Elite Beat Agents/ Warrior Cats – Ross Butler – $5
Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway? – Ross Butler – $5
Gummi Bears/Gay Bears – Ross Butler – $5

May total: $260

Next bonus perk at $400. (See below for bonus perk info – exclusive perk type!)

Current support drive ends May 31st at 11:59pm EST

Be it god-awful, surprisingly awesome, erotic, or all of the above -Nerdy Show loves reading fan fiction.  Perhaps you’ve heard our fanfic read-alongs with Overclocked After Dark.  (If not, beware). This time, the shoe is on the other foot! We’re going to WRITE a fanfic. For better or worse, the Nerdy Show crew is going to collaborate on a fanfic of the topic of your choosing. Heck, we might even invite some special guests to join us for the writing.  Will we record it?  We haven’t decided yet.  We’ll get back to you on that.

Step 1: Tell us what you’d like us to write fan fiction of! (For information on crossovers and titles, see below)

Step 2: $upport the show! Click here to go to the $upport page.

Step 3: Make a posting on the forums to give everyone the details of what you’d like us to write fan fic of and any other details. [Post only in the above linked thread]

WHAT CAN I SUBMIT AS A TOPIC? What can’t be made into fan fiction?! Well, let’s narrow it down a bit: we’d prefer to bastardize some kind of nerdy material, any genre. And if something has a presence in a variety of media – all the better! But if the topic is something that most of us don’t know about then it won’t be any fun, so choose wisely.

CAN I SUBMIT A TOPIC THAT CROSSES OVER DIFFERENT THINGS? Yes, but only two topics max. If we choose to add more in, that’s up to us. We don’t want things to get confusing, so only two topics per submission.

CAN I SUBMIT A TITLE OR PROMPT FOR THE STORY? Yes. That could be fun, but we ask that it’s nothing too limiting.  We want to bring the maximum fun, so the more creative elbow room we have the better.  A funny or cool title would be awesome.

HOW TO SUPPORT Click the $upport link above. It has a heart. Enter your desired amount, then in the message field tell us your handle, what show you’d like us to write fan fiction of, anything else you’d care to mention, and support the show!

HOW DOES IT WORK? Well, it’s kind of like an auction. Multiple bids from the same individual will stack. Say Person #1 bids $15, then Person #2 bids $25 – making Person #2 the leader. But #1 wants it bad, and throws down an additional $30 – which stacks onto his or her previous bid making #1’s bid $45 and putting sir or madam back on top. Boosh!

BONUS PERKS Every time our monthly cumulative total breaks the two hundred mark ($200, $400 and so on), the bidder responsible gets to choose the subject of a flash fan fiction. What’s flash fiction? It’s super-short stories in 1000 words or less. We’ll make them aweosme. Also every bid gets you an e-mail of Nerdy Show Support Perks!

SPONSORING A TOPIC: If you like a fan fiction topic that someone else has posted you can back it and join in as a support partner! Just let us know which one you’re into in the comment field of your bid. Every episode suggestion we receive will be logged on THIS page.

This means that if you want to support us and have a topic in mind, but can’t afford to trump the current bidder all by yourself, you can place a bid, and if other prospective bidders like your subject, your modest sum may grow up to be KING!

CURRENT BIDS & TIE-BREAKERS: Currently reigning sponsors are displayed prominently on the right side of the page and all active bids are shown above. In the event of a tie during or at the end of the drive, the contenders will be notified and the person willing to make the highest bid, chooses the final subject.

ETIQUETTE Nerdy Show reserves the right to interpret the final fan fiction suggestion in any way they see fit to create the most entertaining product. When submitting a topic please take into consideration what would make for everyone having a fun time. Also, please use good judgement when suggesting a subject for us to write on. There isn’t much we won’t talk about or cover, but reserve the right to decline a topic. In that instance the support amount will be refunded.

WHY WE DO IT Your support is the only sure-fire way we can continue to do the show! As an explicit podcast most traditional advertising venues etc. are closed to us. Without your support we can’t afford to produce the show. The response to these support drives has been outstanding and we’re really grateful. Thanks so much gang!

Send any questions to

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