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The Legend of Triforce Mike Shirt

Legend of Triforce Mike shirt Front, shows the A Comic Shop logo


Celebrate the Legend

  • Keep the legend of Triforce Mike alive!
  • All proceeds go to the MAP Foundation, a charity in Mike’s name
  • Mike’s apparel of choice: an A Comic Shop Shirt!
  • Features a Hylian crest, pixelated sword, and a Pokeball

    Triforce Mike‘s legend lives on! This tributary shirt celebrates the craziest nerd the world has ever known and supports the charity that A Comic Shop and Nerdy Show started in his name: The Find Your MAP Foundation. (His initials are M.A.P., get it?) MAP is all about helping people to find their direction in life, make creative projects a reality, and discover your inner Triforce Mike.

    Want to see the shirt in action? Check out this video:

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