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  1. Windows 10 to be Sold on USB Drives… FINALLY!

    Posted by boR on July 21, 2015

    Today marks a true achievement in operating system installation procedure: Windows 10 will be sold on USB drives! Let me tell you why this is so amazing. See, I’ve been installing operating systems for quite a while. I think the first one I did on my own was Windows 95 back in… whatever year that came out; […]

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  2. E3 Vidcasts :: Kinecting with Dance Central & Your Shape: Fitness Evolved

    Posted by Cat on June 20, 2010

    As you may have heard, the hardware formerly known as Microsoft’s Project Natal, has been renamed ‘Kinect’.  It’s a combination camera and motion sensor that is capable of extremely precise interpretation of your body movement, facial expressions, and other futuristic weirdness.  Unlike Playstation Move which mostly replicates Nintendo’s approach to motion control, Kinect goes in […]

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  3. E3 Vidcasts :: Magic: The Gathering Tactics

    Posted by Cat on June 19, 2010

    There is no doubt in Nerdy Show’s mind – Magic: The Gathering is the greatest collectible card game of all time.  It’s a gentleman’s game of strategy, cunning, and ruthlessness all set in a superbly rich fantasy setting with brilliant underlying stories.  There have been many attempts at Magic video games in the past, even […]

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