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  1. Episode 27 :: Nerdy Show Vs. The Generic Dudes

    Posted by Hex on August 12, 2010

    Brian Lee O’Malley‘s series of Scott Pilgrim graphic novels are awesome.  They take video game culture and smoosh it inside comic books!  In Scott’s world, the nonsense logic of video games are part of reality – you beat up hipsters and generic dudes and they turn into coins – THAT ROCKS! Now that Scott Pilgrim […]

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  2. Episode 26 :: Dial-A-Dork

    Posted by Hex on August 4, 2010

    Triforce Mike’s Formspring is pretty amazing – you can ask him ANYTHING there and he answers – sometimes with Internet gibberish, sometimes with profound mico-essays packed with intense geekitude.  Well, the rest of us are tired of him having all the fun, so we decided to do one better!  We invited our fans to call […]

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  3. Episode 24 :: Nerdapalooza AFTERMATH

    Posted by NerdyShow on July 23, 2010

    Exhausted and scatter-brained we relive the excitement of Nerdapalooza while it was still fresh in our minds, the day after. As you can probably guess from the lateness of this podcast, we are ALL really sore from Nerdapalooza. It was a spectacular weekend and all of us had a great time. We have a LOT […]

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  4. Episode 004 :: The Secret of Mike’s Success

    Posted by Hex on February 17, 2010

    I Fight Dragons return to Nerdy Show to discuss their signing with Atlantic.  Also in the lives of the newly rich and famous, we discuss with Mike how successful he’s become overnight with his new book Incest to Success. Take notes, guys and dolls, for within this podcast we here hold the secret to success […]

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  5. Episode 01 :: Blackest Night

    Posted by Hex on August 26, 2009

    This week on Nerdy Show, not only did we have the triumphant return of our man in the field, Cap, but we also had our celebrity host, Brian Clevinger (8-Bit Theater, Atomic-Robo, Warbot in Accounting)! We talk about DC’s Blackest Night and how it is AWESOME!! We also trash talk James Cameron’s Avatar (opposed to […]

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