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  1. NERDY STRIP 018 :: CHAIR’s Face Chipped in Mable

    Posted by Cat on June 20, 2010

    Everybody loves CHAIR from Dungeons & Doritos, right?  Well, maybe not as much as some people love CHAIR. You do know there’s a new DnD episode out, right?   Check out Episode 5 “Birdbath“! Nerdy Strip is written and drawn by Tony Baldini.

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  2. NERDY STRIP 014 :: Toasty!

    Posted by Cat on May 17, 2010

    When we start ranting that it get’s sweltering in the back of A Comic Shop when we record, it’s no joke.  Shit get’s balls hot in therre, so hot in therre in fact that we had to beat back Nelly from busting in the back door with a legion of hip-hop hoes and partying ’til […]

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