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  1. Wicked Anime :: Episode 180 :: Wicked Gaming

    Posted by Jon Jonstar on July 2, 2020

    While we’re in the midst of the Steam Summer Sale dropping small amounts of coin on games we’ll never get to play, Wicked Anime is going to celebrate all things gaming! We have far too much to tackle in one episode, but we’re sure going to try!

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  2. Wicked Anime :: Episode 177 :: Panzer Fist Plus God-kun

    Posted by Jon Jonstar on May 21, 2020

    When you got something that works, you milk everything you can get out of it and run it into the ground! You enjoyed it, and though you certainly didn’t ask for it, we’re making more anime this season. This episode, we’re making two new shows for you to enjoy while the regular anime season is delayed. We’re dusting the Channel A once more to make shows for you to dwell on!

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  3. Wicked Anime :: Episode 173 :: See You, Space Cowboy . . .

    Posted by Jon Jonstar on September 19, 2019

    Wicked Anime has more absurd news than we can handle in our short little block of time. It might even have the most swear words we’ve ever used in a single recording . . . because we talk about Japanese swear words at one point. 7 years in the making this month and we haven’t matured a bit!

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