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Active Bids:

Greg Weismanathon” $177 Arkais, Joshua Maher, Kyle Sweeney, Shawn Lawlor, Mjolnir, Jim Finley, SageZero, Garayur, Jobarda
Small Things That Cause BIG Trouble” $156 – BigBadShadowMan, Joshua Maher
Box Office Bombs” – $55 Joshua Maher, barreyi
Web Series” $50 – Joshua Maher, Jobarda, Anna Barich
Micheal Jackson-a-thon” $40 – Maraun, Jon Roop
80s Cartoons” $30 – Joshua Maher
…From Humble Beginnings” $20 – BigBadShadowMan, Joshua Maher
Idris Elba-thon” $10 – Hatching Phoenix
Ultraman Marathon” $10 – BigBadShadowMan
All The Same Players” $10 – BigBadShadowMan

YOU can choose what we watch in our next Movie Marathon event!

Movie Marathons are live streaming events where the Nerdy Show crew provides nerdy commentary over a themed selection of films and TV. So far we’ve done Gamera, Gundam, Tim Curry, and Kyle MacLachlan marathons!

Pitch your own Movie Marathon or back the Marathon you want to see!


Step 1: Come up with a snappy concise title that tells everyone what your marathon is all about. [Ex: “80s sci-fis” or “Bruce Willis-a-thon”]

Step 2: $upport the show!

Step 3: Make a posting on the forums to give everyone the details of what your marathon is all about. [Post only in the linked thread]

If you’ve got any questions – ask us on the forums!

WHAT MAKES A MOVIE MARATHON? It’s a live streaming event hosted at Nerdy Show Live in which we watch movies, or even television while providing witty banter, banal commentary, or perhaps even intelligent factoids during the show.  The whole community gathers ’round and watches along with us.

As a Marathon curator you can either tell us specifically what we’re watching and why, or you can push us in a direction with a film or theme that the Nerdy Show crew builds off of.  For example: “watch all 4 Phantasm movies”, or “watch only adaptations of novels”, or “watch Fifth Element and other modern sci-fi”.

There are a few guidelines, but there is one rule: No collective running time may exceed 12 hours. And it would be best to not try to fill this duration.  The shorter the marathon, the more people can join in at once and enjoy along with everyone.

We’ll do our best to track down the films/series for viewing, but keep in mind that in order for the community to get the most enjoyment out of the experience, it’s best for the films to be easily tracked down, so everyone can follow along.  Unless the movie is public domain or free to publicly view we won’t be able to stream the video content, just us hanging on the couch.  Either works for us – just something to be aware of.  Try to keep it nerdy.

HOW DOES IT WORK? Either pitch your own Movie marathon, or back one you like!  All contributions to a Marathon stack and supporters are credited to which marathon they’re sponsoring. If you really want a marathon to win, we encourage talking up your pick in the forums or on social networks.

SPONSORING A MARATHON: If you like a marathon that someone else has posted you can back it! Just let us know which one you’re into in the comment field. Every marathon topic we receive will be logged on THIS page.

CURRENT BIDS & TIE-BREAKERS: Currently reigning sponsors are displayed prominently on the right side of the page and all active bids are shown above. In the event of a tie at the end of the drive, the original Marathon backers will be notified, and the person willing to make the highest bid chooses the final subject.

ETIQUETTE Nerdy Show reserves the right to interpret the final Movie Marathon suggestion in any way they see fit to create the most entertaining show. When submitting a Marathon please take into consideration what would make for everyone having a fun time. Also, please use good judgement when suggesting a film or series. There isn’t much we won’t talk about or view, but reserve the right to decline a topic. In that instance the support amount will be refunded.

WHY WE DO IT Your support is the only sure-fire way we can continue to run the Nerdy Show Network!  The response to these Support Drives has been outstanding and we’re really grateful. Thanks so much!

WHAT DOES THAT INITIAL GOAL OF $300 REPRESENT? That’s the total of monthly Nerdy Show expenses. Rent for studio space, server costs (hosting and Minecraft server), electricity, etc.

WHAT DO I GET FOR SUPPORTING?  Every time our cumulative total breaks the hundred mark ($100, $200, and so on), the bidder responsible gets to choose the topic of a Nerdy Show Mircosode and which of our hosts will lead the discussion. Also every time you chip in to Nerdy Show you get an an e-mail filled with Nerdy Show Support Perks*!


Receive them via e-mail for any contribution amount!

* Be sure to let us know your primary e-mail address if it’s not also your paypal address. Also, some e-mail hosts don’t like to accept as many attachments as we include. If the mail bounces we’ll contact you, but only at the address you’ve provided. Bonus perks are not instantaneous, they’re typically sent at the end of the month!

Send any questions to or ask us on the forums!


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