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Introducing Podchaser: The New Epicenter of Podcast Appreciation and Discovery

The podcast industry is still very young, and there’s a lot that’s broken about it. Take for example, iTunes – the birthplace of podcasts – where everything is dubiously organized, major genres are ignored, and in order to rate and review your favorite shows you have to offer up your credit card information. It’s hard to discover truly great new podcasts and harder still for independent podcast makers, no matter how awesome their content, to compete with the attention given to celebrities and major outlets. That changes with a new site called Podchaser.

On this page you’ll find all the info you need to know on how to get in on what we hope will become the epicenter of the podcast world.


What is it?

For years at The Nerdy Show Network our business meetings often devolved into us venting over how fractured this industry is. It got so frustrating we even asked ourselves: what if we stopped doing what we loved and shifted gears to figure out how to fix podcasting as a whole? We’re thrilled to say that Podchaser beat us to the punch on that one. Their features (current and forthcoming) read like a wishlist of everything we’d hoped for:

  • Rating and reviewing your favorite podcasts with an easy sign in.
  • Community-driven tags and genre classifications. Looking for audio dramas or actual plays? No problem!
  • Rating and reviewing individual episodes! Now you can browse a show’s greatest hits and easily sample their best.

Those are just the biggest bullet points. Ultimately Podchaser is a site built for discovery and streamlining the podcast experience. As the platform grows, we hope you’ll join us in populating their database, rating and reviewing your favorite series and episodes, and building a community of discovery and love for this medium.



How to Use it

Sign up, then dive right in!

You’ll see a search bar, trending episodes, and icons to access trending series, shows you’ve rated, and shows you’ve saved for later.

Rating and Reviewing

Search for your favorite series or episodes and give a 1-5 star rating. You’ll then have the option of leaving a review and adding tags which will help people discover the show. If you don’t have time for a review or tags you can always come back and add them later. If there’s a specific episode of a series you love – be sure to seek it out and give it some love so it’s easy for others to find it!

If you’re signed up and looking to jump right into reviewing, here’s a full list of our series to get you started:

Nerdy Show | The Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program | Dungeons & Doritos | EPIC PIEcast | Flame On! | Ghostbusters: Resurrection | Lightning Dogs | Nerdy Show Theatre | The Orphans | State of the Empire | Wicked Anime | RPG From Scratch NerdyFM  |  Atomic Robo: Nuts & Bolts | Bad Storytellers | Bits, Rhymes, & Life | Derpy Show | The Real CongregationThe Nerd Groove | Nerdy Show Book Club | Pokéballs of Steelix

Looking for inspiration on which episodes to review? We’ve got a page for Nerdy Show‘s greatest hits – a page we hope will become obsolete once Podchaser becomes the definitive space for fan-reviewed episodes.


Categories and Tags

When it comes to genres and categories, show creators can claim their pages and add more in-depth organization than iTunes can offer. For example, Dungeons & Doritos is in categories for “audio drama“, “actual play” (a term used for live RPG podcasts), “tabletop RPG“, “comedy“, “fantasy“, etc. Browse the Categories listings or search for them and see what’s out there.

Meanwhile, in the same interface as rating and reviewing, fans can add tags for subjects discussed, hosts, and other key data. For example, you might tag an episode of Nerdy Show with things pertinent to that episode like “World of Warcraft”, “Blade Runner”, “Nerdcore”, “Brandon Gerson”, “food”, etc.

If you find a bug or see something with room for improvement, just click the bug icon in the bottom right to make a quick report.

New features are being launched all the time and we’ll update this page accordingly with helpful tips.


Why it’s Important

Podcasts need a site like Podchaser but Podchaser needs active fans that love podcasts in order to exist. They’re a startup of high pedigree and great ideas, but success is far from guaranteed. That’s where all of us come in. Rate and review as much as you can, add those tags, build this database, and discover new series to love along the way. But don’t stop there – If your favorite podcasters aren’t talking about Podchaser… introduce them to Podchaser! Share this page! Tell a friend! Let’s take advantage of this amazing tool to build a better podcasting universe.


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