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We’ve got an amazing fanbase and some talented people working with us, but we’re still a small, ramshackle group of nerds with day jobs trying to make something big. We couldn’t do what we’ve been doing all these years without you, the fans, supporting us. We literally can not exist without you. If you can’t support us financially – tell a friend! But if you’ve enjoyed our shows at all, even a contribution of a couple bucks makes a difference… and we give you neat stuff for supporting us at any amount!


ONE-TIME DONATION Go to the $upport page! Tell us how much you’d like to send us, enter a message into the text box, and click the $upport button.


SUBSCRIBE MONTHLY Head to our Patreon page and choose a donation tier. Each tier has all kinds of exclusive perks.


WANT TO SUPPORT NERDY SHOW IN A BIG WAY? You or your company could underwrite our programming. click here to find out more.

WHY WE DO IT Your support is the only sure-fire way we can continue to run the network! Without your support we can’t afford to produce the show. The response to these support drives has been outstanding and we’re really grateful. Thanks so much!

WHAT DOES THAT MONTHLY GOAL OF $400 REPRESENT? That’s the total of monthly Nerdy Show expenses. Rent for studio space, server costs (hosting and Minecraft server), electricity, etc.

WHAT IF THE GOAL IS PASSED? Every dollar over our basic costs helps us do bigger and better projects and upgrades including site redesigns, new hardware, or costs for video production. After each met milestone we’ll showcase a new way for the Network to grow.

WHAT DO I GET FOR DONATING? Any amount gets you access to our archive of bonus perks. If you subscribe via Patreon you get access immediately, and if you send us a one-time donation we’ll send you your perks at the end of the month.*

* Be sure to let us know your primary e-mail address if it’s not also your paypal address. Also, some e-mail hosts don’t like to accept as many attachments as we include. If the mail bounces we’ll contact you, but only at the address you’ve provided.

WHAT ABOUT MICROSODES?  Microsodes are 15-minute episodes where the topic is chosen by listeners! We hold monthly raffles which you can enter by pledging $5 or more via Patreon.

ISN’T DOING MORE MICROSODES CREATING MORE WORK? Yes, but we know it’s more fun when you guys have the ability to give us topics to discuss.  Our back-logged microsode list is extensive, but this month we’re going to be recording a huge chunk of these (and releasing many).

STACKING MICROSODES If you score multiple Microsodes, you can stack a topic transform it into a longer episode.  The average Microsode is 15-30 minutes, and each successive add-on gives 15 more minutes. The most you can stack is 4 Microsodes – creating an hour-length episode of Nerdy Show. Stack your own or stack a friend’s!

ETIQUETTE Nerdy Show reserves the right to interpret microsode suggestions in any way they see fit to create the most entertaining show. When submitting a topic please take into consideration what would make for everyone having a fun time. Also, please use good judgement when suggesting a topic. There isn’t much we won’t talk about, but reserve the right to decline a topic. In that instance the support amount will be refunded.

Send any questions to or ask us on the forums or Formspring!

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