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Only explosions and machine gun fire would have been appropriate fanfare for Nerdy Show season 3.  From January to August 2010 the gang went on a eight month-long nerd rampage.  Massive interviews, deadly new challengers, a world tour of geekdom – Star Wars Celebration V, Megacon, Nerdapalooza, and vidcasts on-site at video game ground zero: E3!  This season saw the rise of da Amber Lamps in the War of Light and the old man strength of Epic Beard Man, the resolution to the Tetris Rap Attack remix contest and the entirety of the Blackest Night Song Fight challenge, Rule /34/ was exposed, teen werewolves found their wolfdads,  and more insane lolz and roflz, and awesomeness than anyone could ever re-cap!

Prepare for NERDY MAYHEM the likes of which your monkey brain has never imagined!!!


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    • Episode 008: Pokésode 3/17/10 – Interviews with Lea Thompson, Overclocked After Dark and a Poké-maniac cosplayer


    • Episode 900: Bad-Ass’d 3/24/10 -Interviews with Daniel Way, Billy Dee Williams, Erik Estrada, MC Frontalot, and Billy Tucci





    • Episode 013: Dystopia 4/21/09 -Interview with The Protomen & MLG pro players SK (Halo 3)  & ESAM (Smash Bros.)


    • Episode /34/ 4/29/10 -With special guests T. Catt & VP as well as interviews with Frank Cho, Andy Price, & local-shop also… bonus features!







    • Episode 020: Cosmic Things 6/10/10 -Interviews with Tony Bedard, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, & Kirby Krackle + a Dungeons & Doritos Announcement.


E3 2010 Vidcast Coverage 6/12/10 – 6/17/10




    • Episode 024: Nerdapalooza AFTERMATH 7/23/10 -Featuring Shael Riley & Ty Guenley and Interviews with the girls of Epic Win Burlesque, Steppho (My Parents’ Favorite Music) & B-Type, & Charlie & Jon of Fangamer – Nerdy Show’s 2010 Nerdapalooza Awards





    • Episode 028: Fettophiles 8/21/10 -Interviews with Jeremy Bulloch, Daniel Logan, Julian Glover, & puppeteers Toby Philpott & John Coppinger




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