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Between 2010-2013 we singled out our epic-length blockbuster shows devoted to a single topic as Nerdy Show Prime. If Nerdy Show was the television series, Nerdy Show Prime was the major motion picture: singular discussions that stand out from the week-to-week series. These days this kind of special content is rolled up in our regular programming.


The Curious Case of Dean Wallace

Our good friend, Dean Wallace, has gone missing and the Nerdy Show crew suspect werewolves. Nothing could have prepared us for THIS. We speak out against creatures of the night with the help of No Fangs and Luke McDuffee, songwriter and bassist for alt. rock band Framing Hanley.  But it’s not just werewolves giving us the spooks. Inexplicable happenings have us questioning our already wavering beliefs… Can ghosts haunt data files like video games and podcasts?




Nerdy Show’s Life Day Spectacular

Yes, it’s that time of year again, Life Day, when all Wookies return to Kashyyyk to celebrate. The Nerdy crew is taking their Wookie pal, Grumpy, up to Brian’s cabin in the woods, but there’s one big problem – they’re stuck in the worst holiday traffic jam of all time! Join the entire Nerdy Show gang – yes, all of us – including Flame On and Marc With a C as well as special guests I Fight Dragons! Plus a Dungeons & Doritos Crunchmas Special! We guarantee, you’ve never in your life experienced a holiday show like this.




Nerdy Show Declassified

Originally recorded in late 2010, this episode was seized by the FBI and only returned to us in 2012. Join us as we seek the truth behind UFOs, Atlantis, Paul McCartney, and every government cover-up in-between. Featuring interviews with the illusive blogger behind Crazy Fucking Conspiracies, MK Ultra rapper Jackson aka Ms. Paintbrush of Grand Buffet, and historical mysticism author, Lanaia Lee. Draw the blinds, put on your tin foil helmet, and open your minds.  The truth is out there.




Voice Acting! Part 1 | Part 2

Nerdy Show’s first-ever fan-commissioned episode! In this two-part episode, we celebrate voice actors, their legacy in animation and other mediums. We discuss the history of voice acting, famous voice actors, defining roles, what makes a successful anime dub, the voices of Dungeons & Doritos, and interview some greats of the field.  In  part 1: the legendary Rob Paulsen – a voice that has dominated American animation for the last three decades, Yuri Lowenthal, rising star in all fields of voice work best known for being the Prince of Persia and the voice of Ben 10, prolific anime voice actor, Vic Mignogna, star of Full Metal Alchemist, as well as Mr. Badass himself: Steve Blum who’s put hair on your chest as Wolverine, and Spike Spiegel.



Fan Films Vol. 1 : Teenage Mutant Ninja Cinema

The first in a multi-part Prime series on the topic of “fan films”.  For Volume 1 of our fan film series we’re discussing a topic very near and dear to our hearts: Ninja Turtles.  Writer-director Polaris Banks‘ new fan film, Casey Jones: The Movie brings the masked vigilante to the screen as we’ve never seen before, while paying homage to the visual style of the original 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, directed by Steve Barron.  We interview them both, getting an in-depth and behind-the-scenes look at the making of both films.




Fan Films Vol. 2 : Nuka Break

Our Nerdy Show Prime Fan Film Series continues! We’re venturing out into the Wasteland in search of the perfect Nuka Break.  Nuka Break is Wayside Creations‘ fan-funded web series based on the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout.

The series is written by our very own Brian Clevinger, and co-created with Zack Finfrock. We’re joined by Zack, co-star Tybee Diskin, and Fallout veteran, scribe of the series bible, Chris Avellone, of Obsidian Entertainment. Join us as we hear stories from behind the scenes of the series, insights from the development of the games, tips for making fan films, and more!




The Pen15 Club

We joked about you fine folks having us do an episode about dicks.  Clearly we shouldn’t have joked lightly, because Nerdy Show listeners demanded it. This episode will leave you filled with carnal knowledge and your brain oozing with zillions of tiny factoids.  We teamed up with special guests Lefty Lucy and Flame On! to discuss the science of penises, cocks in history, mythology, and fiction, socio-political schlong issues, and so much more.  We also interview a surgery technician about the medical side of penises and talk to Georganne Chapin, the executive director of Intact America a group speaking out about male circumcision.




Nerdcore: The Past, Present, & Future of Nerd Music Part 1 | Part 2

The nerd music historian that is Hex, is joined by Z from Hipster, Please! and Wired’s GeekDad and nerdy rapper Adam WarRock to discuss the entire history of nerd music – and beyond! It’s a personal look at a fledgling corner of the music world – from nerdcore, to chiptunes, to dementia, and more – it’s all here. Part 2 features an interview with some of the biggest names in Nerdcore: MC Lars, Random, K-Murdock, Tribe One, and Adam WarRock recorded during the Race Wars Tour.




Busting Makes Us Feel Good

We love Ghostbusters, so it’s only right that we’d devote an entire episode to the franchise!  Featuring an interview with Dr. Raymond Stanz himself, Ghostbusters star and scribe, Dan Aykroyd!  With us for the entire adventure is Eric Burnham and Dan Schoening, the creative team behind IDW’s ongoing Ghostbusters comics series. We discuss how the series, got its start, what’s in store, and how they pack so much ghost busting goodness into each issue.  We also met up with the guys behind the upcoming Ghostbusters mobile game, Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast and get drunk on Aykroyd’s Crystal Head Vodka.




Bustin’ with Central Florida Ghostbusters Part 1 | Part 2

Last year, the Central Florida Ghostbusters saved Orlando, and most likely the world, from an ancient evil that manifested a pyramid atop the arts district… You may have heard about it.

What started as a chill night interviewing the crew at their firehouse turns into a Cops-style ride-along with the Ghostbusters as they head out on a call.  Not only do we discuss some of the finer points about ghost busting and this illustrious crew’s adventures, we ask Orlando’s finest to discuss eerie, fan-chosen topics: The SCP FoundationFear Tourism, Horror Video Games, and Horror Films. It’s just another day-in-the-life for the GBs, but for for Nerdy Show, it’s a night we’ll never forget.





The haters out there said “old meme is old” and you said “hell no”.  You, nerds of discerning taste, wanted to see if Nerdy Show could pack any more awesome into savory, fat-rippled pork products.  We did. Yes, we produced a bacon-themed podcast where we meet bacon makers and learn the secrets of these savory meats – but that is not the main attraction here. Behold Nerdy Meal Time – a video tribute to Star Wars in the style of Epic Meal Time  in which we’re joined by The Protomen as we voyage deep into a meaty, greasy abyss.




Masked Justice

For decades masked heroes have taken the law into their own hands – but only on comic pages.  However, in recent times the lines between fiction and reality have blurred, and indeed a few courageous souls have heeded the call to action.  We speak with two Real Life Heroes who take the fight to the streets, Phoenix Jones and Master Legend as well as two of the Skiffytown League of Heroes, and the surly Pittsburgh Batman.   We also interview comics legend, Bob Burden – creator of Flaming Carrot and Mysterymen – the man who founded the concept of the blue-collar superhero!




How I Met Your Mothra

Run for your lives! We discuss giant monsters and their natural enemies from modern kaiju to myths and legends. In this episode we interview Simon Strange and Matt Frank, the brains behind the giant monster fighting game, Colossal Kaiju Combat, comics creator Eric Powell, and review Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham’s Pacific Rim! Plus we sample rare footage from the forgotten giant monster sitcom How I Met Your Mothra.




Mighty Mega Men

Big things are brewing in the fandom of everyone’s favorite blue robot. Capcom Unity just announced a musical olive branch to the Mega Man community with two albums of Mega music.  And what’s more – Keiji Inafune, the man behind the helm of countless fan favorite Mega Man titles, is back with is own robot boy: Mighty No. 9!  We talk with Brett Elston, Community Manager at Capcom Unity: the brain behind the forthcoming Mega Man albums, Charlie Verdin of Fangamer:  the amazing merch-smiths who are lending their skills to Mighty No. 9, and Murphy, Commander, and Panther of The Protomen: the Mega Man-inspired post apocalyptic rockers caught between both projects.




Triforce Mike Tribute

On January 31st, 2012, we lost a friend, brother, /co/merade, brony, poképhile, and so so so much more – the one, the only, the legendary: Triforce Mike. In this heartfelt tribute the Nerdy Show family and his oldest friends gathered for one very raw, emotional recording. We share our favorite stories from his life, stories about what he meant to us, and how he changed our lives.  It’s intimate, unedited, and there’s a lot of really rough moments. But, it’s something we wanted to share. It’s Mike as we knew him.





These episodes led us to devising Prime: a slew of regular Nerdy Show episodes that took on a life of their own.  These are some of our greatest hits.

   Episode /34/

Celebrating the internet rule “if you can think of it, there’s porn of it!” Joining us are episode are master /34/ artists, T. Catt and VP, sexy art guru Frank Cho, a chica from the stranger side of /34/, local-shop, and Andy Price, an artist who’s never heard of Rule 34, but has been making it since 1990.





Peaks Freaks

A send up to one of our favorite television shows of all-time: David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks.  In this episode we’re joined by evil man and nerd rapper extraordinaire, Schäffer the Darklord – a Peaks fan so old school he’s got the original broadcasts on VHS, and Matt Haley, the comic book artist who nearly got Twin Peaks continued as a graphic novel.





Were The Wild Things Are

Zombies are on their way out, vampires are all the rage again, but there’s a new up-and-comer in the pop culture paranormal circuit… werewolves. We’re joined by a man who claims to be a werewolf, Lunario Von Darkwolfe III, our duck (and wolf?) huntin’ pal, Dean Wallace, and ninja rappers Masurao and Shinobi of Krondor Krew.






This episode documents all the mayhem that Cap & Hex experienced at Star Wars Celebration V. Featuring interviews with both Boba Fetts, Daniel Logan and Jeremy Bulloch, puppeteers: Toby Philpott and John Coppinger, as well as Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and James Bond star, Julian Glover.  If you want to hear us rant about Star Wars pros and cons – look no further!  It’s all here!

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