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Nerdy Show at E3 2011

Nerdy Show returns to E3! In this space we’ll be archiving all of our E3 2011 coverage – videos, podcasts, and postings.  The Expo is still on-going so expect to see this page updated frequently with videos coming in all during the festivities and even afterwards.  Mike, Matt, and Brandon are filming a lot so who knows what shenanigans we’ll see.

E3 2011 Daily Podcasts [click the images below]:

E3 2011 Vidcasts:

Vidcast 00 :: Video Diary – Pre E3, Ubisoft Fail, and The Great Pee Adventure

Vidcast 01 :: Telltale Games: Walking Dead and FABLES!!!

Vidcast 02 & 03 :: Wakfu MMO Gameplay Demo – Secrets Revealed!

Vidcast 04 :: Rockin’ with Descendants of Erdrick

Vidcast 05 :: Video Diary – E3 Day 1 Hijinks

Vidcast 06 :: The Hip Hop Gamer on Supremacy MMA

Vidcast 07 :: Nintendo Wii U: Hands-On Shooter and Zelda Demo

Vidcast 08 :: Hands On with Star Wars Kinect

Vidcast 09 :: Hands-On Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Vidcast 10 :: Hands On with Atlas’ Cathrine

Vidcast 11 :: Video Diary – E3 Day 2 “Hookups” feat. AJ Locascio & Hip Hop Gamer

Vidcast 12 :: DUST 514 and EVE Online Interview

Vidcast 13 Interview With The “Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’?” Crew

Vidcast 14 :: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Developer Interview

Vidcast 15 :: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim & Id Software’s RAGE Hands-On

Vidcast 16 :: Interview with TellTale Games’ Marty McFly: AJ Locascio

Vidcast 17 :: Gotham City Imposters Hands-on Multiplayer Demo

Vidcast 18 :: Hands On with the Playstation Vita (PSV)

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