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    Hey all! Saw an interesting post on Reddit tonight:

    What are some good podcasts? by LadyLizardWizard

    “I just wanted to know if anyone has any recommendations for podcasts where they play RPG’s, though podcasts with fun discussion could be great as well. I have been listening to Nerd Poker but have been getting a bit bored with it.”

    Now, I’d love to hop in there and tell her all about our shows, but thought that might come off as weird… seeing as how I’m on them. Any of you fine folks care to recommend your favorite Nerdy Show RPG shows?


    You should plug yourself. As long as you admit that it’s your series I don’t think it would come off a weird. A couple of others have mentioned their own podcasts in that discussion.

    Failing that you could always help me collect fake internet points and upvote my post 😉

    I'm brainy for Zombiepops


    i will try and bump your site while at GenCon. and even though your games are fun to listen too, you have only two continual ones and one stagnent. I dont listen to other gamer podcast (or anyother podcast) but Rpging isn’t your selling point.

    Again, will pimp as much as possible.


    @zombiepops Thanks ZP! You rock!

    @Armadon Awesome, man – thanks. Happy to have the love.


    thanks. but i have to ask, though you deal in sll things nerdy is there an actual segment that i might have been missing that has been dealing with rpgs and the like? A blog or another show. you got 3 dedicated to music and 4 dealing with daily pop culture, only two for games.
    I know there is more that i am missing but you see the point.
    I actually dont believe that RPGs are popular enough in this day and age to offer more than a show every two months and really it would be more like a class for RPGs and not a show like the weekly nerdy show.
    your problem is younguys are too busy to really deal in that show. much like Epic Piecast snd Ghoastbusters oumwould have to find an already established show to fill that slot or request write in


    We’d love to put out our RPG programming faster, but regardless of our limited releases they’re still the most popular things we put out. If we were able to put out more RPGs more frequently well… that’s the dream. They’re just harder to produce than other shows.


    I think what Armadon was asking about was regular tabletop gaming content outside of the game session podcasts, most likely in the form of gaming news or articles and advice on playing in or dming a game. I’ll agree that it’s a subject that’s lacking on the site, but I’m not sure seeking to correct that is something that should be done without careful consideration. The first obstacle is choosing a correspondent. Someone who not only enjoys tabletop rpgs, but is well versed enough in a multitude of games from multiple perspectives, as well as up to date on the latest developments in the genre. To my knowledge there just isn’t someone like that currently on the Nerdy Show staff. Everyone on your rpg podcasts came into the games either a relative novice, or so highly specialized in their one game of choice that they wouldn’t be able to offer any valuable information outside that one field. The other issue would be the format itself. A podcast, though being the primary method for regular programming here, isn’t necessarily the best format for discussing the technical aspects of a game. Any lengthy discourse on the subject might be too long winded for an article or video as well. Whatever format for a regular gaming program is chosen, it would have to be conducive to making programming that won’t bore the audience.

    For there to be regular rpg content outside of D&D or GBR, these issues would have to be addressed, and unless someone were to volunteer to step up and try and fill this vacancy, it might not be worth it to pursue this idea.


    thank you Delphi, Exactly right. but they do have Ruel Knudson the man that has played games, rpg’ed games and created Sagas. But again it isnt needed since Nerdy Show has soooo much other content that anyone who cares would listen to the show.
    But as for recommending this station to RPG crowds i would but not as an RPG site. It isnt such an important subject that a show needs to be dedicated to it, and article or two maybe or even a viewer response (hell push for a forum conversation like there was a month ago) but not a show.
    Though if one were to pop up then i would have yet another reason to listen


    Gotcha. That’s true – we don’t cover roleplaying as a discussion subject often. Though it does happen from time to time and we devoted a month or programming to it this year:

    Also, this month we’re going to become THE go to site for Ghostbusters roleplaying resources. Very specific, but that’s a thing.

    We’ve never set out to be an “RPG site” specifically, but as a nerd entertainment site we like to think we’ve got some of the best actual-play RPG podcasts on the web.


    for now making the games like radio shows as you have been doing is a great thing. You are highlighting the roleplaying aspect of the games while following the rules of the game you are playing. Hell ask any gamer what they enjoy most in a session. Many will admit they like running around as a character in a story they have have a hand in making. Also goofing off with friends.
    Next convention you go, watch a room that has any RPGs and see how those 6 strangers interact in a story they just found out about. If you do that you will c that what you have is great.
    So dont ever worry about adding that content, leave it to the fans that like what they hear and keep giving them the chance to express it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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