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Who are your favorite Pokemon and why?

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    Ok, so we’ve got Pokemon X/Y coming out in October, and Nintendo’s keeping a pretty tight lid on details to keep us all ravenously hungry enough to devour every last screenshot that gets leaked. (Personally, I can’t wait to go for a ride on my very own Gogoat, which I will name Gruff)

    So, for now, I ask one simple question, who are some of your favorite Pokemon, and why?

    My favorite Pokemon is and always will be Bulbasaur. He’s my favorite for several reasons. For starters, Bulbasaur looks like a frog, which were always my favorite animals to try to catch when I was a kid. Second off, my very first exposure to Pokemon was the anime, specifically the episode where the group meets Jigglypuff for the first time. The episode starts off just showing me Pikachu and Jigglypuff, two of the most overly adorable creatures in the whole series. Then suddenly Team Rocket shows up with this two headed purple THING and attacks them. Suddenly Ash tosses out Bulbasaur and whips the ever loving crap out of Weezing and Team Rocket turns tail and runs while Bulbasaur stands there like a total BA. So, basically Bulbasaur was instantly endearing to me because he showed me that Pokemon can be pretty bad-ass, regardless of how cute they are.
    So, a few months later, when I got a copy of Pokemon Blue for my birthday I picked Bulbasaur for my starter, which makes him my very first Pokemon as well, and a Bulbasaur is almost always the first Pokemon I import when it’s time to move to the next generation.

    My second favorite is Eevee, who I like because he’s adorable and I’ve always loved the idea of Pokemon that have more than 1 different evolution then can become, and with Silveon (who I think is a flying type) already announced, I think we’ll see at least 1 more new Eeveelution in X/Y.

    Third in Mankey/Primeape, for one simple reason: Primeape goes bananas, which is my favorite episode of the anime. (Even though I ~HATE~ the way the show treated him afterwards)

    And I’ll list one more: Hydreigon. This Pokemon’s design is like they took King Ghidorah and turned him into an evil looking Pokemon. He also shows up as a major character in Gates of Infinity, which is the first (and only) Mystery Dungeon game I’ve ever played, but I’m not going to spoil THAT for anyone.

    So, what are some of YOUR favorites, and why?

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    I’m sure I mentioned this at some point, but I haven’t really kept current on Pokemon. Mike was Pokemaniac enough for the both of us. I played vicariously through him. The only games I’ve played in the main series are Red/Blue and Silver/Gold. Also I should add while I enjoyed playing them and enjoyed the anime (to an extend) I couldn’t tell you what my teams were in either game set. Considering how much sentimentality people have over their Pokemon teams (See – THIS AWESOME DUDE) I guess it left less of an impact on me. I don’t even remember what my starters were. Maybe it was may age at the time, maybe it was my playstyle… I don’t know. Maybe @Jon remembers his. I recall him being more into it than I was.

    That said, I do know what Pokemon I like the most (out of those I’m most familiar with). It’s mostly because of their attitude.

    Jigglypuff (who is my character of choice in SSB Melee)
    Farfetched (He carries a leek with him because that’s what’s best to cook him with!!!NKJ:GWNONWQE:WOQBQQ)

    But… I did pick up the complete 3D pokedex for Pokeballs of Steelix so I can have a better knowledge of what’s out there. Maybe I’ll get some new faves from that.


    I actually do something similar, Starting from Leaf Green, I’ve bred a Bulbasaur and sent them to the next game as soon as I was able to. Then when it’s time to move to the next gen, I take the Venusaur that it grew into and breed a new Bulbasaur out of it to send to the next gen. So, in effect, every new trainer I create uses a Bulbasaur that is descended from the one owned by my trainers in the earlier games, leading all the way back to Leaf Green, since I couldn’t pull the ones off my old GB/GBC games.

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    Lets see, my ultimate lineup in red/blue was Mewtwo, Alakazam, and then the legendary birds etc. Earlier on I was using bulbasaur derivatives, Abra derivatives, and pidgy derivatives. Might of had a ghost in there two, really don’t remember much else.

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