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What's the WORST tabletop game you ever played?

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    Board, card, dice, RPG, whatever.

    Mine was Legendary Encounters: Predator. Spent a lot of money on it, took 2 hours to sort it out properly, and could never figure out. Ugh.


    Oh nooooo! So sorry to hear that! Legendary Predator was fun as hell when I played it. But then again, I had a friend who was able to easily explain how to play. We never were able to beat the Predator, but we still enjoyed it. Aliens was also awesome. One day we’re going to combine the decks for a full out AVP scenario.

    As for myself… hard to say. I’ve had some weak DMs before, but I wouldn’t blame the game itself. Maybe “Sorry!”? That game was boring as hell. Or “Trouble.” No one ever wanted to play me in Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.

    OH! “Battle of the Sexes.” TERRIBLE and insulting to everyone who played. Yeah, that’s the one.

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    I understand that some bad games are the fault of the players but I really wanted to get a conversation going. And even if it was a good game for you, it was a bad one for me. But I think you understood what I meant.


    Mage the Awakening. It’s in the white wolf series of RPGs and runs off of a d10 system. I don’t know how well the other games play but this one was a real mess. It was meant as a sort of hybrid between crunch and fluff so while it had hard mechanics you were supposed to be able to create your own spells and they had a lot of examples with some extremely vague guidelines for doing so. Unfortunately they would violate their own guidelines even in their examples. It made it pretty much impossible to reasonably create new spells. In addition a lot of the spells weren’t well thought out and ripe for abuse. Unfortunately this was me and my friends first tabletop and so we had a strong power gaming mentality and a low role-playing one. We eventually dropped the system and adapted our world and story to the Dresden Files Fate system which was much much better. Before we quite we had figured out a fairly easy way to create a reaction-less rail gun which we could keep in our basement and fire through nearly untraceable magical portals we could put in orbit around the planet. At mid level using only the example spells in the book.

    Steam: Garayur


    I played a card game called Joking Hazard not too long ago. It is similar to Cards Against Humanity, but you piece together three comic cells to tell a story, which is usually either funny, offensive, or gruesome. I had some fun with it in the beginning, but a couple hours in, the card jokes got rather dry. Maybe more cards, or maybe the people, but it didn’t last long.

    My worst game due to people was a DND2e game where the GM had a Paladin PC (named after himself). After putting us in ridiculously dire circumstances, the paladin would ride in on his steed, slaughter all the evil, take the experience and disappear.


    Middle Earth Roleplaying, or MERP. First RPG I played and the first RPG I GM’d.

    It was a sort of dumbed down limited Rolemaster, with lot of graphs and things to consult. I actually didn’t mind GM’ing it, as I had some fun with it and I do enjoy a good “looking up the statistics”. But it was a chore, running a larger battle with all the rules correctly got sluggish FAST.. although we did try.

    On the other hand, a scrawny malnutritioned orc suddenly getting lucky hit in and chopping off your hand but leaving you alive WAS fun in it’s own way. There was some schadenfreude in seeing the player struggle with a gimped out character, when he or she so obviously just wanted an excuse to switch over to a new healthy hero.


    This is really two different questions. What is your worst RP experience, and what is the worst system.

    For me, I have grown to hate playing wandering murder hobos. When the game session is just a bunch of epeen thumping racing to see just how fast can the party kill. This is more of a group/dm issue.

    On the worst system… I hate excruciating crunch. A system that has a table lookup for every event. Where to follow the rules one would have to roll a die or do a table lookup to just draw a breath without a fumble. I realize this may bring rage… but one of the reasons I was glad to go to D&D 3rd ed, was that that there were so many supliments that to play D&D 2.5 one had to back a semi truck full of books up to the table.


    D&d 4.0

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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