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What happened to hex?

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    Where did hex go? Is he okay?

    Kutsu Shita

    He’s fine. Just not actively involved with the network at this point in time.
    He’s been making ‘loaded dice’ (, making some kind of tabletop game called ‘Robits’ (apparently releasing this month, perhaps NS will cover it sometime soon and Hex will come on for it?) and being a responsible dad.
    A matter of shifting life priorities, I believe.

    "Wait, he says. Do I look like a waiter?"


    He died. R.I.P.

    Lucky duck gets to French-style kiss Dale Earnhardt in heaven.

    Or also possibly everything Kutsu Shita said. Exactly. 100%.


    He shot that infomercial at cloak and blaster. High production value.

    And not to sound like a total idiot, he didn’t really die, did he?


    @pseery80, he’s alive and well. He’s just busy being a good dad while still being creative.

    You can follow his latest projects here:
    and here:

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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