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    the best Nerdy Show fanfic ever. Well if they would allow more then 2 crossover that is. Maybe this image will inspire cap to bend the rules.

    He touched my balls alot.



    Until I figure out how to post images in this new setup as the old html code I used before no longer works. You will have to suffer a link instead.

    He touched my balls alot.



    He touched my balls alot.


    Bear Grylls wins.


    For the Commonwealth!



    You forgot Robocop.


    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."



    I don’t recognize the last and third-to-last women. Pretty sure I’ve got everyone else, though.


    Still, I can honestly say I don’t know who would win this. My initial thought would be to give it to Hitgirl, but the I see Batman RIGHT beside her and I’m not so sure. Then shortly below BOTH of them is freaking Rambo!?


    Well at least I know who wouldn’t win. Eddard Stark is who wouldn’t win. I mean seriously? No one’s doubting his character but COME ON! he can’t even handle 1 tricksty treasurer!


    I’m also pretty sure Hawkeye wouldn’t win, if only because the actor playing him is a terrible archer.


    Still, most of the people on this list have at least a small chance if they play their cards right and, seriously, I’m not complaining about a roster that gives me Melllll-I mean William Wallace AND Conan AND…Aragon? Sure, let’s go with Aragon. AND Aragon!


    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!



    The last women is Sarah Connor (Terminator) and the other is Katniss (Hunger Games). Well to be fair he is played be Sean Bean, so that means he dies in the first book, like always.

    He touched my balls alot.



    Ah. It looked sort of Sarah Connor-y to me but I couldn’t quite place the film (going with Terminator 2). I haven’t seen The Hunger Games though so it’s not surprising I didn’t get Katniss.


    The full list for people playing the game at home:


    Batman (Dark Knight version)
    Indianna Jones
    Cersei Lanister (Not 100% on this one, so take it with a grain of salt)
    That guy from Man-Versus-Wild
    Mel Gibson (AKA William Wallace)
    Black Widow
    The guy from Gladiator (Maximus)
    The Girl from Kill Bill (Honestly don’t remember her name. Kid, maybe?)
    Eddard Stark
    The actor who formerly played Hawkeye
    Alice (from the Resident Evil films)
    Angelina Joli’s Breasts (err, Lora Croft; I was going to correct this until I realized Firefox can spell her name but not Aragon)
    Katniss (apparently)
    That one crazy sword woman from Sin Cities (again, I actually don’t know her name)
    Sarah Connor (really should have gotten this one)


    Also the puppet is the puppet from Saw.


    I think the location is self-explanatory (Although for reference I’m pretty sure this is the FIRST Jurassic Park and not the second one).


    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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