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    For those of you that want up to the date announcements on what you’ll be watching over the next week. Once you join you can register for email notification so that you can always be connected to your group. Conversations dealing with weekly anime should be done over at this group. Other random anime topics should stick around here. Whenever there is an announcement you want made site wide for the weekly anime you can post here to bring it back to the recent topics list.



    The Anime of the Week is officially a group now. Meaning we need an avatar to represent us.

    No offense Vimak, you are formidable and inspire fanfics as much as any one else, but I think we need something more fitting to this activity.

    So, since the admin is woefully incapable of producing anything photo wise outside of MS Paint or power point, anyone that wants to submit a pic is welcome. Just join the group and post it in the group thread and I am sure it will end up as the avatar at some point.



    Just to put this out there, we are starting the 3rd anime series Darker than Black. Join the group and take part in the discussions.

    Anime of the Week – Week 7


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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