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Vintage Arcade Salvage from Gibsonton FL

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    Over Thanksgiving, I had a chance to go out to Gibsonton and do a little picking. If you aren’t from Florida, you may not be down with Gib-Town, so here is a little background. Gibsonton was started as a retirement community for circus and carnival workers. It is not uncommon to drive around there and see homes with giant clown cannons sticking out of backyards or cotton candy machines. My friend’s parents used to tour with a circus and ran an arcade. When they retired, they left the semi trucks full of arcade machines in their backyard. After about 20 years, you can imagine that these machines were in pretty sad shape so they decided to clear them out and throw them away. When my friend incidentally mentioned that to me, I asked if I could salvage the marquis from them, since I’ve always wanted to start a collection of those and mount them in backlit shadowboxes. She asked her dad, and he said to come on down and take whatever I wanted. So thanksgiving morning, I rolled out and saw this action right here:

    Arcade Machines
    Many of the cabinets had been treated none to gently, so there was nothing I could save from Spy Hunter, Berzerk, or Star Wars Arcade (stand up). The one that really broke my heart though was Death Race, which is an incredibly rare machine I’ve only ever seen once out in San Francisco in a museum down by the wharf. If I’d had more time or space, I’d have tried to salvage the side art:
    Death Race

    Two of the machines they weren’t throwing out were these two fortune tellers: Zoltan and Grandmother’s Predictions
    Fortune Tellers

    I was able to nab a stack of fortune teller cards that have zodiac signs on one side, and fortunes on the other:

    I was able to get the marquis and even some screen surrounds from quite a few games:
    gorf screen
    moon patrol screen
    zoo keeper screen
    marquis 1
    marquis 2

    After I cleaned them, this is what I ended up with:
    Gorf Screen Surround:

    space rank

    Zoo Keeper Screen Surround:
    zoo keeper screen
    zoo keeper story

    Sea Wolf Screen Surround:
    sea wolf screen

    Vs Excitebike and Star Rider marquis:
    marquis 1

    Frontline and Gorf marquis:
    marquis 2

    Tempest marquis:
    marquis 3

    Phoenix and Moon Patrol marquis:
    marquis 4

    Millipede and Zoo Keeper marquis:
    marquis 5

    Sea Wolf marquis (printed on aluminum):
    marquis 6

    Cobra Command marquis:
    marquis 7

    I also nabbed the instruction manual for Star Wars Arcade, which has some great period correct art on the inside:
    star wars arcade
    star wars arcade
    star wars arcade
    star wars arcade

    I also found a manual for Gyruss, but it was in bad shape and the machine was nowhere to be found. There was a sit-down version of Star Wars Arcade inside one of the trailers that had nothing I could really salvage since the screen surround was molded fiberglass and wasn’t good for much beyond being a screen surround, and it didn’t have a proper marquis. My plan for this stuff is to mount it in basically a lit shadow box, and either sell them or put them up in a garage or man cave at such time when that becomes a thing I have:
    mounting idea



    Wow that was a really awesome write up. 10 out 10. Would read again.



    I’m thinking about modeling the Moon Patrol marquis as a 3D scene in Maya, I really love the art from that machine even though the game is not the greatest.



    My. GOD. Max what an insane find! Those poor machines… You’ll do ’em proud though.



    Hey guys, welcome back to This Time Last Year! Sorry for the zombie thread, but I was thinking about this arcade glass, and remembered one of these games was from a company based out of Hileah, FL, which is NOT a place where games are made. I looked them up, and found out that Centuri, Inc was once the 6th largest arcade supplier in the country, but they were a victim of the ’84 game crash. Looks like they even have a fan site:



    Wow – that’s amazing! The rabbit hole goes deeper…



    It’s as if we reached a hidden stage.
    What has become of that trove @max?



    It is languishing in a closet at the moment. I’m still rocking that 200mi round trip commute every day for work, so until early 2015 when we move back to Orlando my free time is super limited. This also explains what happened to that 3D Modeling tutorial I was working on and kind of just let drop.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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