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Vimak and the Holy Monkeys (working title)

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    After some careful brainstorming I think I’ve come up with a half decent idea of how the premise of my campaign pitch should go. One thing I’m still fairly uncertain about is the name for the campaign. Although “Vimak and the Holy Monkeys” aptly sums up what it is I want to see in this, it lacks the uniqueness of the typical Dnd episode names. I’m very open to suggestions, and I will say that I have a fondness for puns.

    Anyway, my campaign pitch. While traveling, our heroes hear about a shrine deep in a jungle where a troop of wild monkeys is revered as messengers of their god (Think the rhesus macaques of Ramgopalji). For whatever reason, perhaps out of nostalgia for bygone days when short smelly things throwing their feces around was an unsurprising if not regular occurrence for them, they decide to pay it a visit. The monkeys normally are mischievous but benign, but they’ve gotten increasingly violent, even attacking worshipers unprovoked, ever since an abnormally large, marble-white monkey arrived and became their leader. Our heroes quickly identify this monkey as a spectral creature, a spirit animal the same as Wolf-bear or the shamen companions that had greeted them on Ironback Mountain. How to deal with this is up to the players though I have suggestions. They could find a way to banish this spirit, track down the shaman it’s bonded to, or Vimak subdues/befriends the creature, taming it as a second spirit animal and earning the title of spirit-mon master. Either way the team is sure to have their hands full dealing with these holy monkeys.


    Congrats @delphi! Holy Monkeys has been backed by @Huduvudu! You’re on the board!


    Really @Cap? Awesome! I was waiting until I got my paycheck to back it up myself, but that just gave me a moment of self-affirmation knowing I’m not the only one that likes this idea. Thanks @Huduvudu, you crazy generous person for backing up ideas other than your own, especially when I know you’ve got ideas of your own that are just as cool. I’m going to go put some money where my mouth is now.


    @Delphi Nah, Holy Monkeys has been such a long time coming that some love had to be shared. Better that than the Ape of a Thousand D-*cough* well. Right then. You’re very welcome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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