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    I stumbled across this randomly on Netflix the other day and I was wondering if anyone else has seen it? If not, you might want to check it out. From the name and description I was expecting a cheesy, somewhat enjoyable movie about geeks who love videogames. Boy was I wrong…

    What I ended up watching was a highly enjoyable story about a boy who achieved his dream of joining Video Game High School after defeating the world’s best FPS gamer known simply as “The Law” while he’s strutting his stuff in a pub match. From there the show goes on to be a more of a high school drama, only filled entirely with geeks of various types and all the drama revolving around video games. It’s also packed full of little references throughout, most of which are really well placed and not just shoved in your face (Keep your eye out for a masterfully done, and incredibly subtle Grim Fandango reference).

    Oh, and the soundtrack features 3 songs by the Protomen.

    You can find season 1 in the link below and on Netflix.

    Season 2 should be starting in June. Looking forward to it already.


    Yeah my nephew put this on the other day. The Protomen in it made it that much better, plus Zachary Levi with a fake southern drawl was pretty good. Its worth the watch…and remember Rock O’Clock is at 3:32pm

    Wherever you go, there you are


    Watched the first episode – very cool! I was talking with the guy doing the Protomen documentary and he mentioned doing something with Harley from Epic Meal Time. I wonder if this was it…


    @Cap, that it would be. During my Googlings of the internets I learnt that both this and the Protomen documentary were done by the same guy (it was mentioned on the Protomen message boards I believe). Also, Harley plays the principle of VGHS, and does a fantastic job of it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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