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    So the snapshots are out (and have been out for a while, actually.) I’ve asked around on the server to see what people think of them so far, but no one had actually heard of this!

    I however am freakin’ excited about the stuff that’s been showcased so far. Below is an awesomely concise (or is that concisely awesome?) rundown of what to expect so far. I’ll add to it as new snapshots come out and I test them.

    – Horses (and other equines). They come in several different coat and mane colors, as well as several types of markings. Also available are donkeys. Horses and donkeys can be bred to create mules. Right now they’re only available via egg. I imagine they’d appear in plains biomes.
    – Horse saddle. Put on horses to ride them. Mojang says they’re temporary; they want the “pig saddles” to also be used for horses.
    – Donkeys can carry chests (though right now you can’t actually open them). Mules (of course) cannot be bred.
    – Hay blocks. Look like bound hay bales. Used to feed horses, or as decoration.
    – Horse armor. Comes in iron, gold, diamond. Not nearly as expensive or useless as the Oblivion DLC.
    – Leads (or leashes, if you prefer). You can tie mobs to stuff like fence posts so they don’t wander off. ALL mobs, even hostile ones.

    – Carpets. Very thin blocks made from two wool. Now you can have carpeting without having to have 2 meter thick floors. EDIT: Carpets don’t block light at all, so they can be lit from below by redstone lamps. And it looks awesome.
    – Minecarts, boats, and horses can now only be dismounted by pressing the sneak key.
    – The respiration enchantment now has 3 levels. Each level makes it easier to see underwater.
    – Name tags. They can only be found in underground loot chests. Used with an anvil to give it a name (for 5 xp levels). Basically a way for non-creative people to give mobs names.
    – Regional mob difficulty. The longer you stick to an area, the more interesting mobs get. Their AI, loot, and item enchantments improve. Also affected by your game difficulty.
    – New launcher. Allows you to easily choose a retail version or snapshot to play.
    – Hardened clay block. Used by smelting a clay block. Really only for decoration at this point.
    – Deserts no longer generate water lakes in their interiors, but instead only along their edges. Lava lakes generate as normal.
    – When a zombie is attacked, any nearby zombies will immediately bum jump you (if they weren’t already).

    This isn’t QUITE everything, but it’s the highlights. Also, no, no word whatsoever about the plugin API. Time for the magic internet word:

    Despite what my username says, I am certifiably flawless.
    Please echo "all complaints and suggestions" > /dev/null.


    Don’t care about horses given the number of other transportation options. I am excited by leashes. Wrangling livestock will be easier. Hay will be nice for decoration I guess. Love the idea of carpets. Wonder if they could be placed on walls/glass (like curtains or decoration). Speaking of which, I hope some day they add vertical half blocks/slabs.

    The regional mob difficulty will be interesting to see the results in a heavily populated area. Also, surprised that zombies do not already swarm.

    And I suspect the hardened clay block will have other properties, like requiring a pick to harvest, higher blast resistance, etc.

    "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." Isaac Asimov




    A donkey is not a pony. Nor is a horse, even a miniature horse. Also, they look ugly compared to the other minecraft animals. I said it!

    "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." Isaac Asimov

    Gabe Richardson

    Hey if someone could update the server to 1.5.2 that would be great.


    It is Dunn.


    13w18a-c are out. Other than bug fixes, the main stuff is as follows:

    – Block of coal. Crafted like any other ore block. Cannot be crafted from charcoal. Can be used as fuel; lasts as long as 9 coal.
    – New texture loading system. May “blow up.” Maybe make the game load them faster?
    – Added recipes for actually making leads and hay blocks.
    – Changed the horse armor. Now you can only find it in dungeons; you can’t make it anymore. Le sad. 😥
    – Horses now use the saddles that already existed in game, as I said above. Saddles are now more common as loot.
    – Adjustments to make horses “more practical” later in the game. No clue what that entails.
    – Chests now generate in nether fortresses.
    – Redstone comparators now output a signal for cauldrons (empty = 0, full = 3) and End portal frames (no eye = 0, eye present = 15).
    – Carpets can be put on some translucent blocks, like glass, lamps, glowstone, etc. Beacons still work through carpet.

    Despite what my username says, I am certifiably flawless.
    Please echo "all complaints and suggestions" > /dev/null.


    Guess what time it is? It’s 5:48 PM, but it’s also time for a new snapshot! Behold the (somewhat) glory of 13w19a!

    – Stained hardened clay. Can now be dyed like wool.
    – Donkeys and mules’ chests now work.
    – Mobs spawn in groups again…. they didn’t already?
    – Charcoal, coal blocks, and lapis blocks got new textures.
    – Command blocks can’t be mined in survival anymore.
    – Horse armor stacks to 32 instead of 64.

    And from last snapshot:

    – Coal blocks now smelt for 800 seconds (10 coal).

    Despite what my username says, I am certifiably flawless.
    Please echo "all complaints and suggestions" > /dev/null.

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