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    I came across this earlier today and well this seems like the place to share and talk about it.

    this is the first time I’ve seen any sort of mid air haptic device so its gotten me really excited. Its still early in development of course but I would love to see more stuff like it. I am kind of curious to know what sort of resistance it gives.

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    This thing is awesome. I never knew the term hap tic but I always felt that any 3-d would have be composed of sound to really work and it is nice to see.that is happening. Bout time


    The topic says you can see the “holograms”, but that doesn’t seem to be true.
    Unfortunately this thing will just “shoot” at your hand so you can’t for example “feel around” a ball from all directions.

    As for actually projecting something in the air the best I know of is dumb screens of fog with projectors… I remember seeing a prototype back when I was in the university and there’s an advertisement on a walkway of the mall next door to my work, but those things are pretty awful, you can barely tell what’s being displayed.


    Ok, so this haptic shape thing send like a novelty now, but there are some potential uses for the future. One idea I’ve discussed with my wife was how to document life moments. This application is about my wife’s pregnancy. I don’t think anyone has had the chance to record the experience of feeling you’re child move in the pregnant mother’s belly. Basically there would be a 3D recording of the movement and it could be replayed using the haptic device.

    This may sound creepy to anyone without kids, or anyone not in tune with feeling a pregnant woman’s belt move, but I think it would be exciting to record your own child’s movements in this way. I don’t believe video could live up to any textural recreation.


    I had heard about this stuff a year or two ago (maybe it was the same group?). As for holograms… MIT has been claiming that within 10 years they will have replaced normal televisions. Of course it doesn’t sound exactly like a true open air hologram to me, but it will make actual proper 3D possible without glasses, so there’s that. As I believe I have said before on the topic of 3D, the content producers (Hollywood, to a lesser extend game designers) have to wrap their collective heads around what ‘true’ depth does in the medium. Also If it’s true 3D, as in it is as if there was a literal window to another world in your living room, you’d have to deal with the fact that people on the periphery might literally not be able to see what you want them too, on the other hand can you guys imagine the easter eggs when you have to be seated at an exact angle to be able to see something in a film?

    Back on the haptic thing, to me, and I realize this is a bit extreme, the best way to do that would be some sort of nerve control that both stimulates sensations of touch and restricts movement, in keeping with the illusion.

    The other thing about 3d, holograms and such is this, if the problem is too hard AR glasses in mass could solve it by literally stepping around the problem entirely. Why spend bazillions when you could get the same effect today for less money? All it takes is everyone around you connected via a local public server, AR glasses, and your done.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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