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$tretch goal – get Colin to Orlando for the D&D season finale

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    We’ve got to make monthly costs firsts, but after that the next goal is to fly Colin from Nashville to Orlando for the recording of the D&D Book 2 finale. Unfortunately Brian and Lefty aren’t free to be there in person, but you’d better believe they’ll be Skyping into the fray.

    We don’t know how things are going to go down, but you can bet your corn chips there’s gonna be one hell of a showdown in Tolay.

    Apologies for the continued vanilla drives, everyone. Things are slower going than anticipated, and when we’ve satisfied out previous rewards we’ll get things going again. Rest assured – they’re on the way and when Nerdy Show sheds its gestational chrysalis you’re going to see some serious shit.


    Next donor gets a microsode mothertruckers!

    Sailin' about port to port, Smokin' 'em out fort by fort,
    Stealin' their loot ton by ton, Takin' their ships one by one.


    You guys did it!

    Thanks to your combined efforts we can fly Colin into O-Town for the episode. But- just to keep everyone posted, things might have hit a snag.

    With the awful storms on the east coast a lot of people have been affected. Lefty is fine, but Coney Island isn’t. There’s no telling if she’ll be able to spend the time recording or have the means to. Basically things are up in the air at the moment. We don’t know if we’ll be able to record when we expected (November 4th) and haven’t confirmed whether we’ll be rescheduling. As such, I won’t be buying Colin’s ticket yet and I’ll post here when we know for sure.

    The new stretch goal we’ve added is for additional costs stacking on the airfare the later it goes. One way or another, we’ll be flying Colin in for the recording. We’ll cover whatever is left, just trying to offset what we can. If we have to reschedule it may mean that the next D&D will be delayed. We’ve had this date set up for months now and wrangling all these people has been tricky. Details to come, but either way, Colin will be in town for the recording whenever it is.

    Thanks 1,000,000 times over. You guys rock. We have the best fans.


    Aww, you were going to give me a D&D episode for my birthday? How sweet

    Stop eating my sesame cake


    It’s official, we’ve got to reschedule the recording. I’ve scratched the second stretch goal.

    ALL ADDITIONAL SUPPORT FUNDS TODAY WILL GO TO HELPING CONEY ISLAND REPAIR. You’ll still be illegible for perks and microsodes.


    Since we have to postpone D&D for at least a month we’ve recorded a new episode of Pokeballs of Steelix! We’ll get this finale recorded as soon as we can.

    Colin Peterson

    You guys are so fucking awesome! I have never gotten a chance to RP with the guys in person, its really quite difficult to role play off of people over skype (as I’m sure a few of you know). Although, considering that skype “sound” has become synonymous with Barty, we were joking that even though I was there I’d have to call in from the next room. Lol

    But in all seriousness, that you guys, this means a lot.



    Uh-uh-uh. Continuity error! Barty’s first appearance in episode 10 was in person! Though this is none-the-less spectacular because a) you were in the episode for less than half the time and b) you’d never RPed before so you were just feeling it out. You left us a boy. Now you are a man.


    I apologize in advance for any Hex punches you may recieve because of this.

    Nerdy Show's Nefarious Community Manager & Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace

    Colin Peterson

    Eh, I was in the episode for like…3 mins-that hardly counts. And Trench, Hex is a wuss, no Hex-punches can damage me.

    Downward Spiral

    So instead of D&D, we get TWO episodes of Pokeballs?

    I find this an acceptable substitute. 😀


    Its not Hex you have to worry about, its his religion.

    Courage TFM



    Yeah, what’s become of Hexianity? I mean, the fervor of yore is gone. It needs a revival!

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