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    Colin Peterson

    That’s awesome Cap! I love reading those books in the old format though–there’s just something viscerally pleasing about reading a Travis McGee book where the paper is yellowing and the smell of smoke is imbued in the pages from the previous owner.



    Oh yeah. I never want to read McGee on anything that isn’t ancient and bought from a musty used store. I’m just glad that modern audiences will have a chance to check it out too. And more importantly that the books aren’t visually branded like some kinda whimsical romance mystery. Someone who wants to read it might actually pick it up off the shelf!

    (This also really bodes well for the rumored films).


    Oh man, that’s great news! I recently bought what seemed to be the only available copy of Deep Blue Goodbye in Baton Rouge from a great used bookstore here called Cottonwood Books. That series is definitely something else. Like it does all the cliche hardbitten detective novel stuff that at first makes you go “is this a joke?” but it also has this thing underneath that is pretty gripping. Maybe it’s because I also grew up in Florida so I can relate to the lifestyle, I’m not sure. Totally dug it though.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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