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    Great show, great comic. Best to treat them as two separate entities. But this marketing ploy is just awful. Let us discuss how pour this idea is and why would be your ideal zombie apocalypse vehicle.


    Jeeze… this has gone to far….

    What makes this project even dumber (I feel) is that – it’s all aesthetics. It’d have been a greater challenge to make it functional, but the armor plating isn’t even real! If you’re going to do some unnecessary marketing ploy, at least make it worthwhile.

    In other news, I finished chapter two of TellTale’s Walking Dead yesterday… seriously I couldn’t love that game more. They’ve made something incredible.


    The big problem with this and any other post-apocalyptic vehicle (that isn’t deisel) is that gasoline starts to deteriorate within six months. So unless you’re making new gasoline, you are going to have a serious problem really fast. I think it’s pretty sad that Kirkman designed that vehicle, because the absolute last thing you would want in that scenario is any kind of opportunity for zombies to get stuck to your vehicle. So adding a “cow catcher” instead of a “cow pusher” (in addition to a bunch of hand-holds over all the windows) is pretty poorly thought out.

    I think you want easy maintenance and rugged suspension, so you’re probably better off in a 4wd truck (preferably closed-top like a full-size Bronco or Suburban) with a body lift but off-the-shelf tires in a common size. I would probably put something in front of my radiator, but i wouldn’t put a full cow-pusher because all that weight is going to kill your fuel economy and put a ton of extra weight on your front suspension which will fatigue your shocks and springs prematurely.


    @Cap I am loving Telltale’s The Walking Dead, what I am not loving? The fact that ACTI-FUCKING-VISION is making a Walking Dead FPS…..FPS! Christ man…..

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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