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    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Hey, so yeah. This is something I’ve been talking with GBr on FB and Twitter about these past few months. Unfortunately with all the TPP and Censorship getting tighter than you’d expect, I decided to make the announcement here: today I have FINALLY began playing my long-awaited Martha’s Vineyard Ghostbusters Game! If you don’t know, Martha’s Vineyard is where they filmed Jaws but it’s also where both former President Bill Clinton and current President Obama have had their summer homes. Plus, many more celebrities stay there, and since I have my own real-life summer home up here, I thought I’d make a game set there.

    This is going to be how the story updates go, so I’ll post summaries. I am also planning to meet Dan Schoening of the IDW GB Fame, so we’ll see if he can do a commission. On a personal note, it’s also my therapy for the remake, which I will wait to see how it goes like, but to me, it has done very little to get me invested in it and has me wondering why anybody else would support it (again, not naming names or pointing fingers, just saying in general.)

    The plot of this game goes that like resurrection, both movies and games occurred (also, certain segments of the animated series happened also). My own character (based on myself, albeit 10 years older,) who tried starting up his own franchise a few years ago, but failed. Now, he’s being threatened to be brought out by greedy people and his team has disbanded. He hires two young interns to fill the ranks (we’ll have one more joining later). And so far he’s been almost redeemed.

    The team is comprised of Dr. Brendan Rome, team leader and veteran with Ghostbuster knowledge and while he can be tough ala Rick from Rick and Morty (Let’s get Shwifty, Yo!) he’s still a good man and always feels good when he’s helped people; Joe Demmer; the rookie of the team and experimental technician who is often the most confused, and finally there’s Natalie Denver; the brawns of the team. Natalie’s not one to be a damsel in distress and can actually hold her own in a fight, making her the sort-of Tomboy of the team. She’s also very skilled in repairing and disassembling equipment if need be. We might add another player soon, but we’ll see what happens until then. There’s also Cat, our secretary, and finally Barney; our Level 5 Ghost beagle.
    On their first bust today, they encountered two ghostly Level 5 Motorcyclists, trapped one and learned that one was the other’s son and the other was meant to be there for his son’s birth but died by crashing into a truck on the way over. His wife, Ashley Taylor, died sometime but her spirit possessed a necklace which fell onto Natalie who was briefly possessed but in doing so was able to reveal why the ghost had taken two girls named Ashley and Taylor hostage. Thus, I managed to convince them into the trap and found a way to reunite them.

    While the success was perfect and we got a lot of money made from the job, we unfortunately had to have a visit from Peck. Fortunately a phone call to the NY Team helped as Janine got Louis to give some advice: 1) Make sure equipment is in top-working order, 2) Wear business suits, 3) Make sure that we address him with respect, and 4) Just say you like the EPA (it should be noted Peck here is personality-wise based on the IDW Interpretation where he acknowledges the team does good, but does believe that we should have oversights.) During his visit, however, there was a ghost cat that appeared with the head of a shark. Fortunately, I came up with the brilliant plan to herd the cat outdoors with Barney where it was successfully caught by literally running into the trap actually IMPRESSING Peck. Yeah, the guy himself was speechless to our ingenuity and realizing that firing and beams would probably cause more damage than it is worth at the HQ.

    So here are some of the highlights;

    1) Having a possessed T-Shirt, Underwear, and Glasses fly onto me and cause me to do this:

    2) Joe: “What’s next?! A Vampire Rock Band?!”

    Me: “…Nevermind. Not important right now!”

    3) Janine: “Louis is dealing with some stuff right now, but…oh wait. He handed me a sticky-note, let me read it to you.”

    4) Peck: “How…how did you do it?!”

    Me: “Well, we are professionals, sir.”

    Peck: “I uh…I guess you are. You aced with flying colors then.”

    Me: “Great to hear, sir. And if you ever want another vacation, please let us know.”

    (Peck walk away only later realizing what that joke meant.)

    5) Natalie: “It’s all right, I just got finished fighting these bear furs.”

    Me: That must’ve been a hairy situation then.

    6) Me: (Punching a corporeal form Ghost) GADOOKEN! Oh, shit! I mean Shoryuken!

    I’ll update and say what happens next time, more of my problems with the remake will arise, but I’ve played it down a lot.

    See you on the other side!


    80’s movies references? Bad puns? Barely handling sensitive equipment while bluffing your way passed government officials? Yup. Sounds like a proper Ghostbusters game to me. 😎

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Oh, it’s about to get better. Remember, like I said, we still have more stuff coming up. Here’s a hint of things to come:

    1) Aliens popular across the pond that was popular towards the mid-seventies-to-the-80’s-and-revived-today.

    2) Great Terror

    3) Resurrection of Magic

    4) Busted

    5) Savin the Day


    6) Crossover.

    Not going to say with whom, but it’s much like how the Central Florida Ghostbusters encounter with ‘he-who-we-shall-not-name,’ and David Lo-Pan fit so well into the GB Universe, this could fit in perfectly as well. So yeah, it looks like we’ll hopefully finish up by the end of next week and then we can talk about the possibility of a crossover for S2 of the Vineyard Ghostbusters and the Central Florida team (probably via Skype or a Phone Call perhaps. Hey, if Bill Murray can phone-in a call for an appearance, then why not?).

    Oh, and I forgot to mention one of my best lines when he hearded the Ghost-Cat-Shark Hybrid directly into the trap:

    Me: “Peekaboo, Motherf**er.” (I was going to quote Doakes from Dexter and say “Surprise, Motherf**er, but decided to be original.)

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Okay…things got a little weird today. And by a little I mean a LOT weirder. Bear in mind that I originally meant for this to be a one-shot tribute and our GM Made things go insane. Really insane. Be warned, some of this was plotted out by me, but the insanity that follows comes from him. On the plus side, it’s been modified so that while there’s not a lot of bashing at the remake, I can still feel like this is a better version than what the trailer’s shown us so far.

    Anyways, ACT II Began with the Ghostbusters having been around for a few weeks and having made more money, successfully rising in business. Then they got a call from a movie-shoot where they’re filming something called ‘Professor Alchanaut and the Day of the Zarteks.’ As it turns out, many cast and crew members were being taken mysteriously and we were called in to figure out what that was. Cat, our secretary got casted as Cecelia Gertward, assistant to Professor Alchanaut, as the cast had disappeared. I helped with being HER personal aid while Natalie and Joe also helped on-set while a Feig-like character (NOT ACTUALLY HIM), acted creepily around set.

    Eventually, we found out that the Zartek props were coming to life and it was thanks to someone who was masquerading as the Commander from the old TV series this was based on. Natalie ended up redoing a scene where Alchanaut was to die and ended up completely improvising a scene where he actually lives. Unfortunately, the Feig annalouge (we’ll call him Igef), was working with the Commander Ghost and kidnapped the cast and crew, ready to teleport them away. However, I convinced him to take me instead giving Natalie and Joe just enough time to save everyone, but I was unfortunately teleported out. Igef was arrested, but Natalie and Joe were left wondering where the hell I was. At that moment, a black car pulled out revealing a Morgan Freeman-like character named Chuck Lenoard Callahan, and a familiar green focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm, or a Class Five full-roaming vapor wearing a tie.

    (Be Warned, this is where crap gets REAL and INSANE at the same time).

    Callahan revealed he works for the Paranormal Agency which monitors not just Ghosts, but aliens, magic, and other dimensions. When Joe asked if I had been transported to another dimension, a voice replied. “I reckon he might be, yeah.”

    With that, ANOTHER figure emerged from the car. This one with short blonde hair and beard stubble, a tan leather jacked and suit, with black gloves, smoking a ciggerete.

    “But the overall point is that it’s than that, mate! He’s been abducted by bloody aliens.” The new figure said.

    “And who the hell are you?” Natalie asked.

    The stranger simply smoked his cigarette, flicking it out anticlimactically and said;

    “Name’s Constantine. John Constantine.” (Warned you.)

    John asked to meet at City Hall the following day and left them to collect the money.

    Meanwhile, I found myself transported into a prison area where someone who looked like Callahan arrived to tell me my team was about to get ripped off by one of the greatest magical con-men in the multiverse. I explained I had written a 50-Page short essay about the theory also involving chocolate and vanilla ice cream as a result. The man explained that damage was being done to the Multiverse as a result and I needed to get back and stop it. He then asked me if I belived in aliens to which I replied that I would believe it when I saw it.


    With that, the guy pretending to be Callahan morphed into a being with green skin in some kind of purple armor costume introducing himself to me as J’on Jonzz.

    Mission 5 is basically an exposition dump. Both sides are in a race to prevent a transformed mortal deity from resurrecting on the Vineyard. Said deity once went by the name of Tamanaug and many years ago, he was part of a tribe separate from the Wampanaugs. Now, when the settlers came to America, Tamanaug didn’t like them at all and was the first to take action. When he realized that one of the settlers was a magic-user, he kidnapped them and forced them to show him how to do magic. Eventually, he mastered it and kept on learning more and more until he could amass so much PKE Power that he was technically a Class-7-Transformed-Mortal Deity. Fortunately, the Settlers and Native Americans united and through misdirection and lucky shots, they managed to stab, shoot, cut, behad, and gauge, gauge, gauge. However, before his death, Tamanaug swore that he would one day return to take his vengeance once an ancient ancestor of his set foot upon this land. However, in order for this to work, three talisman would need to be brought together. Because of the damage the multiverse is sustaining due to the PK Levels slowly but surely beginning to rise, the damage in the multiverse caught the attention of both Constantine and Jonzz who are both trying to get the talismans. Meanwhile, there is a mysterious THIRD Party that is going to try and get it, so we have to be warry of them also. Why? Two words; Tamanaug Worshipers. So while Constantine and Slimer work with the Vineyard team so the New York one can hold down fort, I was told this information and in order to ensure the multiverse wouldn’t break from travel, I suggested traveling to another multiverse and piggy-backing of from there back home. Jonzz agreed that was very thoughtful but said he would send an agent back with me to help settle the problem. That one in question he said I should recognize (this me isn’t a comic nerd, but he knows her the instant he sees her. By the way, MIND BLOWN IN 3…2…1…)

    With that, my new ‘partner’ enters. It’s a young woman with blonde hair and a familiar ‘S’ symbol on her chest however, this version has a red ring on her finger, introducing herself to me as Kara Zor-El AKA Kara Danvers AKA Supergirl. However, she looked as though she wanted to take said ring off her finger, so we’ll see what happens next time.

    So yeah, I only intended for a little Doctor Who tribute in this and got THIS instead. To be fair, we have had Lego Dimensions so they’ve already had an experience like this. Like I said, I outlined the Tamanaug part and afterwards I can assure you this won’t overshadow us. That said, I think I’ve found my character’s mood as a bit 12th Doctor Post-Face the Raven/Pre-Heaven Sent. There will be two crossovers in the end, but those two will make more sense and will be considered cannonical with the Ghostbusters Universe but you’ll see why then.

    So yeah, I am aware that my friend might’ve gotten too far out of hand, but at least it’s interesting to see what happens when a paranormal entity gets so powerful that it threatens ALL Multiverses. Hopefully next week we can save not just our world, but EVERY world from becoming destroyed. Plus, at least it’s comforting for fans who might miss Constantine and/or are hoping Supergirl Season 2 is happening.

    Anyways, one thing’s for sure; next week is when things get REALLY schwifty.

    Take care until then.

    Dr. Brendan Rome


    Constantine, J’on Jonzz, and Kara Zor-El?

    Well… that was unexpected.

    If you want to reach my in-character profile as "General Manager" of the Ghostbusters, tag me using: @seven

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    I know. I sure was surprised. I hope this doesn’t tarnish me as it was our GM’s idea to include them. He assured us they won’t take up the whole story or loose focus though since last week will be the finale. Plus we do have an in-universe crossover much like how you guys had BJ and Lo-Pan in Ghostbusters continuity. They’re just traveling to this reality similar to Ghostbusters/TMNT and Get Real.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    I will also say that this was probably one of the best lines in last session’s episode:

    (I’m waiting in my cell using some markers to do equations all over the wall of the room I’m trapped in. Someone knocks on my glass and I turn to see it’s a young woman with red hair in some kind of combat uniform.)

    Woman: I see you’ve been busy.

    Dr. Brendan Rome: I tend to have that effect.

    Woman: Follow me.

    (I get out and walk with her.)

    Woman: You know you’re not as bad as the last genius we put down here.

    Dr. Brendan Rome: Thank you.

    (I look and see a number of alternate earths being viewed on the monitors.)

    Dr. Brendan Rome: What are those?

    Woman: They’re other earths we’ve been monitoring alongside yours…

    (At that moment on one of the monitors, a man in a spacesuit appears and starts knocking on the monitor. What’s bizzare is that in addition to his space-suit, underneath the helmet, he’s wearing a red-and-black spandex suit with giant black eyes that have two little white eyes inside.)

    ???: DEADPOOL CAMEO FTW!!!! By the way, my movie hits iTunes very so…

    (The Woman sighs annoyed and turns the monitor off.)

    Dr. Brendan Rome: What was that and who was that guy?

    Woman: Ignore him.

    Also, it’s funny because it took me a day to piece it together but I now realize that the woman that my character was talking to was actually none other than Alex Danvers AKA Supergirl’s adoptive sister in the TV Series. It makes sense since J’on Jonzz already knows her and Dr. Brendan Rome WAS transported to another Earth. Plus the Supergirl he met had the TV costume and personality when he spoke with her. That was another good line that I’ll try to make more sense of next time.

    Supergirl: Pleased to meet you, Doc. I hope we’ll have a good time working together. I’m a big fan of your mo…(stops herself)…ves.

    Dr. Brendan Rome (Readjusting his Glasses): I see.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Here are some other highlight lines:

    SCENE: “Tell me, Dr. Rome…do you Bayonetta? You will.”:

    (Upon being invited to the set of Professor Alchanaut and the Day of the Zarteks to investigate the disappearances, our secretary Cat Sphinx, was casted to replace the actress Jennifer Linderman who plays the titular Professor’s sidekick, Cecelia Gertward. When the Vineyard team sees her following her makeup and costume fitting, Cat appears completely different. Cat’s usually straight hair is now done up in curly buns almost anime-like. She also looks like a young British schoolteacher she has her regular spectacles on that she uses for reading except they have rhinestones on each end. She also has a coat-jacket and button-down blouse. It looks very fancy, very regal, almost Victorian.)

    Joe: I can’t believe Bayonetta was actually casted!

    Dr. Brendan Rome: Who’s Bayonetta?

    Joe: She’s a video game character…

    Natalie: Oh yeah! I’m aware! I got the high-score in the Video Game college tournament! It’s uh…it’s a fun game. I’m good with the Ice Skates!

    (Joe and Natalie fist-bump Natalie sees that Dr. Brendan Rome doesn’t know what they’re talking about, she whips out her phone and googles and image. Handing her phone to him. His mouth hangs open as he looks at it.)

    Dr. Brendan Rome: Jesus Christ. (Rubs his eyes.)

    Natalie: You’re looking at something beautiful, amazing, and Japanese.

    Joe: The best part is that her hair is actually her…

    (Dr. Brendan Rome covers Joe’s mouth cause he doesn’t want Cat to hear it.)

    SCENE: “Priorities”:

    (Dr. Brendan Rome is transported away.)

    Joe: DOC!!!

    Natalie: Well, there goes our paycheck! And our friend! Which is more important. *aheam* Obviously.

    SCENE: “Natalie on her College Years”:

    (After John Constantine introduces himself)

    Natalie: Look, buddy. You remind me of the schemey-sort-of asshole I dated in High School and/or college. All I want to know is: where’s my friend, and how the hell do we get him back.

    Joe: Natalie, please! He looks like a man who should not be trifled with.

    John Constantine (As he lights another smoke): You’re friend’s right, luv. Glad to see he’s the one with the most brains in this operation.

    SCENE: “The Original Ghostbusters Leave Slimer with the Vineyard Team”:

    (After the remaining two Vineyard members meet with the original Ghostbusters, they say they’re gonna fill-in for them for the day and decide to leave Slimer with the Vineyard team. NOTE: Slimer in this version has the personality of his cartoon counterpart.)

    Ray Stanz: Slimer, you’ll be all right helping them out when needed?

    (Slimer nods while giving the thumbs-up, while simultaneously spraying slime from his mouth.)

    Ray Stanz: That’s what I like to hear Slimer.

    Joe: Are you sure you want to leave that guy here? He’s probably going to make a mess out of the place.

    Winston Zeedemore: No, we’re not sure that we want to leave this guy here. But it’s not really our problem.

    Joe: Are you sure?

    Winston Zeedemore: Nope.

    Egon Spengler: We drew straws because Peter didn’t want to take him with us on a bust.

    Peter Venkman: I’m just saying there’s always a chance he could be trapped.

    Ray Stanz: You’re just still mad about that documentary that UBN News did on us back in ’86 and gave all credit to Slimer.

    Peter Venkman: Well, like I said; win some, loose some.


    (After Egon explains the backstory of Tamanaug):

    Egon Spengler: If we can acquire these three talisman, we should be able to stop this before it happens. Especially since there’s been repeated damage due to transportation from another world, to THIS world. That’s on you, JOHN.

    (John Constantine shrugs.)

    John Constantine: Well, you know. It happens.


    (After J’on explains the backstory of Tamanaug to my Character):

    J’on Jonzz: We can’t risk sending you back home, since too much travel could damage the multiverse.

    Dr. Brendan Rome: Couldn’t we just transport me to another Earth and then piggy-back from that Earth to get back to mine?

    (Both J’on Jonzz and Alex Danvers look at each other amazed and then back at Dr. Brendan Rome.)

    J’on Jonzz: Well…actually…yes, we can. That’s very intuitive, Doctor.

    Dr. Brendan Rome: Thank you.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Preview summary for this Sunday’s Finale Session:

    “Now that you trust me, it’s time I finally spoke about something I’ve kept to myself for the last five years of my life. This is the story of how the original Vineyard Ghostbusters finally broke apart. Kara Zor-El…meet my first girlfriend.”

    In the Vineyard Ghostbusters Season Finale the Vineyard Ghostbusters are seemingly fractured as one team stands with the mysterious John Constantine and Dr. Brendan Rome finds himself teamed-up with Kara Zor-El as the two race to receive the final talisman. But both fractured members can see that some things don’t add up and must find a way to unite the heroes to learn more about this mysterious third party before its too late, and they start fighting rather than working to end this nightmare before it can begin. But even then, can they actually prevent the mysterious Tamanaug from fulfilling his prophecy? And if they survive, what other mission is there as an epilogue?

    But before all that can happen, Dr. Brendan Rome has a confession to make. A literal skeleton in his closet he’s kept locked away for the past five years of his life, and has tried to keep buried until now. It seems like his sins have finally caught up with him as the history behind the fall of the first Vineyard Ghostbusters, and the mysterious guilt that has secretly plagued Dr. Brendan Rome is revealed.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    So this happened:

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    This’ll make meeting him at Wizard World in June all the more cooler.

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    In the process of our final battle now. During the fight, Supergirl accidently had the Red Lantern ring she had on her knocked off and it landed on Joe. When Constantine disappeared, Joe essentially did and said the following using the Red Lantern Ring:

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    Now here we stand with the blood on our hands. We’ve fought so hard now can we understand? We’ll break the seal of this curse if we possibly can. For freedom of every man. We’ve felt the pain a lifetime it seems a thousand days, through the fire and the flames we carry on!

    Dr. Brendan Rome


    So here’s what happened in full:

    ACT III Begins with Constantine having Joe and Natalie transfer some occult stuff I had lying around to the Vineyard Town Hall. Meanwhile, Dr. Brendan Rome and Kara Zor-El made their way back into our universe with Kara disguising herself as a new recruit. The DEO was essentially monitoring our earth long enough to get information on our equipment enough to make actual Ecto-Goggles. The rest of the equipment didn’t work, so I had Kara fly Dr. Brendan Rome back home for two reasons. One to get her extra equipment and Two was to clear Dr. Brendan Rome’s mind and take care of some unfinished business in his life. We retrieved a spare proton pack from a caged locker which I gave to her, and then took the trap that was in there.

    We left quickly when we found out Joe and Natalie were arriving and bolted for an old graveyard. It was here that Dr. Brendan Rome revealed his greatest secret and his long-kept sin which he had to atone for. It turns out the trap contained the soul of Dr. Rome’s dead girlfriend. Not her ecto-form, but he had rather forced her to look into the trap as it was closing (similar to Return of the Ghostbusters where the evil Professor Klaus was using the traps to steal the life-essence of others and hold them for an eternity seemingly with the traps alone.) The reason being was when his original team broke apart, he was left with his original co-founder who he met in college, Shelly McShane. When she was offered a college position, he was busy trying to figure out why ghost presences were going down on the Vineyard. Since his girlfriend thought he was too obsessed, she left him saying he’d always obsess over his work. Now at any other time, Dr. Rome might’ve responded differently. But he was too upset. So instead, he got mad with her saying he hoped she died. Ironically, moments later, she was hit by a truck. So unable to let go, Dr. Brendan Rome forced her eyes to look at the trap right before her final life left her, making her assumingly dead and nobody knew wiser. Now with the world possibly about to end, he needed to atone for his crimes and release his girlfriend’s spirit. Though he was still saddened, Supergirl put her hand over his, convincing him that he should do the right thing and she’d help him do it.

    Nodding. They both pressed release as Brendan’s girlfriend’s soul left and fell into the ground of her grave only to float up as a spirit soon afterwards. This was where Dr. Rome said his apologies, to which the spirit of his girlfriend told him that he was at least smart enough to let her out and told him that he had to look towards the future now, and pointed him and Supergirl in the direction of the final talisman.

    Meanwhile, Joe and Natalie had arrived and were also made aware that the artifact could be there, only to be caught by evil cultists charged with a strong ectopresence rising out of the ground (insert Walking/Night of the Living/Dawn of the/Day of the/generic of the zombie movie joke here.)

    Meanwhile, Supergirl and Dr. Rome navigated a series of trials until they made it to where the talisman was supposedly only for Supergirl to get pulled into some kind of run-through wall similar to the Platform 9 3/4 in Harry Potter. There, Supergirl was being pulled down by some kind of skeletal goat demon thing, but once pulled under, she managed to fly back out fairly fine, as she managed to get a protective force field with the Red Lantern ring she had been given at the end of last session. Before we could look for it, we were given the talisman straight up there, and left fine although Supergirl left with Dr. Rome feeling rather off-putting about the whole thing. Supergirl mentioned that for some reason, she felt that there was something familiar about that place. Something…Kryptonian about it that she felt the day her planet died. Dr. Rome concurred he hadn’t felt that way since Shelly died.

    Meanwhile, Joe managed to get the cultists slimed and stuck in place while Natalie blathered about some experience she had as a five-year-old when her Grandmother died and she had a supposed encounter with the Sandman who had her grandmother’s soul. As soon as Supergirl and Dr. Rome reappeared. Constantine arrived and Dr. Rome diffused the situation by making a speech similar to the Twelfth Doctor’s War Speech is The Zyggon Inversion which boiled down to demanding they not start a war (PS: NO CIVIL WAR REFRENCES HERE!!!!) and instead do what they will always have to do no matter how much they fight…SIT DOWN AND TALK. So John revealed that he was in it to find a dimension that WASN’T a total disaster and we called a truce agreeing to work with him so that John would be sent to his own dimension of choice (filled with Chocolate Lesbians) and would get the Red Lantern ring and another transport device of his choosing should he decide to leave.

    Arriving back at City Hall, Dr. Brendan Rome finally met Sally Aso who didn’t realize how much charisma I had even if I was unaware of it. Essentially, Sally is the Janine to my Egon. After introductions, Sally revealed she came from the descent that Tamanaug was from and as a historian, knew exactly what to say and do to use the talismans in order to send the evil of Tamanaug away. It was then that I realized that nobody was guarding her. When they mentioned the B-Team had come by and Dr. Brendan Rome asked if it was either Eduardo, Garret, Roland, or Kylie (the Extreme Team still happened and they’re still around). When they said it was none of them, I suddenly realized who this mysterious third organization was.

    At that second, the two female members burst into the room with proton packs. While Supergirl was able to deflect it with the Red Lantern ring, John Constantine could somehow use SHAZAM powers (because he’s Constantine) but in the confusion, Supergirl’s red lantern ring was struck and landed on Joe who got REALLY upset when Constantine suddenly sensed that the original Ghostbusters were unable to prevent Tamanaug’s followers from beginning the ritual. Leaving to stop them, Joe became furious and as mentioned in the last post, essentially became our old buddy from The Force Awakens, TR-8R. After subduing the other females, Sally forced us to take her with us and we traveled to help Constantine. Arriving there, we found that John was unable to stop Tamanaug from reforming fully, but fortunately he was able to make it so it’d take longer for Tamanaug to reform to full power. It was then that I came up with a radical idea; use Sally to open the portal to a dimension where Tamanaug couldn’t hurt anybody or anything and then…cross the streams in that dimension. While Joe and Nat were apprehensive at first, Dr. Brendan Rome convinced them that the Ghostbusters already did this three times (once in 1984, once in 1991, and then once in 1994) and so long as they didn’t cross the streams in our reality, they could effectively blow up a reality with no negative consequences. Agreeing upon it, Dr. Brendan Rome had Sally hide and then they took Tamanaug head-on as he continued to grow in power. There was some herding with Proton streams, Joe threw a train engine into Tamanaug as Dr. Brendan Rome regained enthusiasm, getting cocky and saying in a British accent; “Tamanaug was very cross because he’d been hit by Thomas a Red Lantern Train construct, and all the other trains didn’t want to talk to ‘im. “What a load of wankers”, said Tamanaug.” Eventually, Tamanaug was at mid-power when Supergirl and Constantine managed to find a reality for Sally to open a portal to and then sent him flying into there. Once blasted inside by the others (and assistance from Shelly who returned in Ghost form), the Vineyard Ghostbusters successfully crossed streams in that reality before the multi-dimensional heroes closed it.

    With the deed done, Supergirl had Constantine transferred to his chocolate lesbians dimension and then had the DEO make notes and get 3D Models and reference scans they’d need to make a dimensional portal that didn’t cause any damage. Supergirl then offered Dr. Brendan Rome a spot on a multi-dimension council of the multi-verse’s greatest minds she was assembling to which Dr. Brendan Rome simply replied that he still belonged here and he finally found his purpose for living again. Supergirl nodded and left, but not before showing Dr. Rome one reality the DEO had shown her. It was a reality she had referred to where Dr. Brendan Rome and Shelly McShane hadn’t broken up and he had left with her, and had a family. The purpose was to show him that happiness was possible in all realities and to NOT let Sally go. Dr. Rome explained he had no intent to which she felt good about.

    A big party followed including Natalie dancing with Joe (and even) Slimer, Cat being offered some movie deal, and Dr. Brendan Rome and Sally beginning a relationship.


    As promised, here is our epilogue villain that IS in cannon with GBR and the GB Universe. Trust me…you’ll love it for how much this fits in with the style of humor and supernatural elements.

    So a few months later on Halloween, we were getting ready to attend a costume party in-costume, and then host a special guest appearance by the New York team. Dr. Brendan Rome was dressed as Bruce Campbell’s Jack Stiles from The Jack of All Trades, Natalie dressed as Supergirl, and Joe was dressed as Frankenstein. At that moment, somebody called from the cemetery, saying that they saw Sally going to pay some respects for the dead when the ground swallowed her whole.

    (It gets better…)

    Leaving a message for the New York Ghostbusters to meet us there, we arrived to find indeed that there was a hole here and thus we jumped in. After searching around a dark gloomy cavern, we found Sally standing on a table as she seemed perfectly fine but was dressed in a black toga like something out of Ancient Greece. When they found she couldn’t move, they heard a cackle.

    (Ready? Here it is:)

    As they turned around, they found that standing before them was a man with blue skin, yellow eyes, and long fingers with blue flaming hair. In other words:

    “F**ing Hades!” (To be honest, I had another enemy in mind for the ending but I decided to use this for the more comedic payoff, and for the endless puns and humor to follow.)

    So after scanning and confirming him to in fact be Hades, he explained he was out to extract any knowledge from Sally’s brain about dimensional travel to get back out into the world and rule it. Thus, he kidnapped her and her mind was in the process of being distracted unless something really shocked her to knock her out of it. With that, Hades was ready to attack when he saw Natalie and realized he knew her. As it turns out, Hades was the Sandman whom Natalie had encountered as a kid. But there was a reason behind it. Natalie at that age only knew very little about death. She knew people wouldn’t get back up but she didn’t actually know the term ‘death’ until much later. So when her grandmother died when Natalie was 5 and she asked her mother what it meant, her mother lied saying the Sandman took her away to sleep forever. Natalie’s irrational fear of death was enough for Hades to pull himself into her subconscious, under the guise of the Sandman since it was A form she feared of death and Hades had to abide by those rules. So thus, he disguised as the Sandman and tried to force Natalie to make the world remember him by using her subconscious while she was asleep to control her and get her to carve ‘HADES’S BACK!’ into her forehead but was awoken by her parents before she could do so.

    Now upset, Natalie gave him one good sock in the face, Captain America style, while Dr. Rome did the unthinkable and shot off Hades’ privates.


    “AAAGGGHHH!!!” He says, doubling over, “My boys! MY GREEK COLLESIUM!!!”

    You can probably guess what happens next.

    With that, we entered into combat where Natalie fought Hades in his ‘Sandman Form’ and then I overloaded Joe’s pack (which was beginning to malfunction) and then shoved it into Hades’ mouth before shooting it, causing fireworks, and large boson collider shots to go flying everywhere from his mouth all the while set to this tune:

    Eventually, this proved to be too much for even the Lord of the Dead who was recovering from getting out of the River of Styx (it’s revealed that he had left a mark on Dr. Brendan Rome when he got the last talisman), so he was weak enough to be trapped. However, remembering the incident in 1992 when a former college of Egon Spengler’s had once trapped Death and it caused great upheaval in the ecto-charts in the living world, Dr. Brendan Rome let Natalie simply chucked the thing back into the River of Styx so that even if Hades got out, he wouldn’t be able to do anything, and would just be trapped there again. Thus, Natalie got over her fear, and the underworld turned into a carved out tunnel similar to the secret entrance to Eleanor Twitty’s secret room in the New York Public Library where The Collector killed her.

    With that, Sally was freed from the curse and I carried her out similar to Blake and Vicki in Ghostbusters Resurrection Season 1, only to find that we had no way of getting back up now. It was then we heard the sound of a familiar siren before ECTO-1 dropped down in between all of us so no one was hurt. Following that, we could hear the familiar voice of Pete Venkman going “Hey! How you doin down there?! Sounds like you could use a lift.”

    Following that was Egon Spengler’s driest clap ever so dry and stern that not even Orson Well’s Citizen Kane couldn’t outdo it.

    So yeah, we escaped the Underworld and all’s well that ends well.

    So that’s Season 1! I have a special planned which might be Season 2, maybe it won’t. We’ll see. Anyways at least now the Vineyard knows who to call when being attacked.

    So hope you all enjoyed. I’ll just give you a hint at my next adventure plan:

    “Siiiiiilent Night…….Hoooooooly Night……”

    Dr. Brendan Rome

    This is what I imagine our accolades are like:

    Dr. Brendan Rome on the cover of the magazine ‘GUTS: The Magazine for Real Men’:
    An Image of Him firing his Proton Pack. Beneath it reads:

    ‘Dr. Brendan Rome on Class VII Gods: “THEY’RE A BUNCH OF P*****S!”‘ (Try to guess what I’m Referencing here.)

    Joe Deemer is on the Cover of the magazine ‘Survive! The Magazine for Risk-Takers’:
    An Image of him dodging ghosts. Beneath it reads:

    ‘SPECIAL GHOSTBUSTING EDITION: Joe Deemer’s secrets to surviving working in the Ghostbusters Field!’

    Natalie Denver on the cover to ‘Professor Alchanaut Magazine: The Official Magazine of Professor Alchanaut!’
    A Stock Image is shown of her out of Ghostbusters gear, but wearing a GB Logo T-Shirt as she smiles to the camera. (Think a pose like this: Beneath it reads:


    A Copy of the Martha’s Vineyard Daily Newspaper shows the Vineyard Ghostbusters shaking hands with President Obama. Beneath it reads:


    A copy of Fangoria Magazine featuring the team (and Cat) standing behind actors Mark Hamill (Brendan), Chloe Grace Moretz (Natalie), Brendan Fraser (Joe), and Kristen Bell (Cat). Bellow reads:


    Natalie on the cover of ‘EW Magazine’ Wearing a Red Dress actually made up of the No Ghost logo while pointing at the camera as the text underneath reads:


    I might do fan-art of some of these drawings. At least in the version of myself that I played, I could see my older self being portrayed by Mark Hamill and seriously, who WOULDN’T want to see Luke Skywalker with a Proton Pack?

    Anyways, all in all I felt like we all had a GREAT time and look forward to sharing S2 with all of you.

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