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    For some reason I was thinking of naming the new new spawn, New New York, but I think that’ll just be me.

    "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." Isaac Asimov


    So I have two warp points associated with omni/gamma spawn. One is nnsu which stands for new new spawn upper, and nnsl for new new spawn lower, the upper one just takes you to the top, the other takes you to inside the upper pyramid, below the bedrock roof. I already made two floors in there, one basically at the pyramid floor, out of glow stone, the other is around the height of ~9 bedrock with a glow stone layer on top. I recommend we get some actual measurements going as well as a list of requirements and ideas going before we start arbitrarily making floors (that way we can have someone with world edit pop the floors in fast.

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    Well, the Top interior floor (4th) for the rail station is complete at Omni/Gamma Spawn, and last I checked floor 3 (right below the rail station floor) was mostly in place. Floor 2 has stairs to it, and floor extending from the stairs to the wall of the pyramid, and a base for a floor along the wall, but is otherwise incomplete. I had mentioned that it seemed like a good floor to place community farms (because of its size), and left glowstone, wheat seeds, dirt, and clay/red bricks for starting farm construction. Before that can happen, someone is going to have to figure out where the farms will be situated, along with lighting. I would recommend water being next to the wall, because it is wasted space otherwise. Don’t know if I’ll get to log on again before next week, visiting family and whatnot.

    "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." Isaac Asimov


    I removed the lower warp since it has already been made obsolete.

    Also I have started a forum thread to help coordinate the railway build/unification.

    Currently Gamma has rail heading out in the four directions, as well as four floors that have yet to be given a purpose (not that they have to ‘have’ any beyond looking good). Also feel free to enclose the larger spaces inside Gamma if that seems to make more sense.

    Head of Science and Technology for Nerdy Show.


    Waypoints Detailed Analysis:
    X.-3311 Z.-713
    Heavily populated
    Should be kept

    X.-36 Z.939
    Warps to PVP arena
    1 or 2 other structures in the area, but they might be abandoned?
    There is a nether portal here
    Minigame warp

    X.1025 Z.163
    Desert area nearish to old spawn
    Sprite Art, Xmas Tree, Airship and (my) dungeon are in the area
    I think there’s also some hidden homes, but not 100% sure

    X.359 Z.-1363
    Brandon’s death pit from beginning of server
    Large and empty building space, but also some very interesting terrain
    Needs some fixing up, but a lot of potential for building a community here.

    X.1256 Z.-1727
    Largely undeveloped area
    Actual Warp point seems to have been picked at random
    Only obvious structures in the area are a glass-enclosed lava ball in the sky that was almost certainly WE’d by Ark and a small village that may or may not be an NPC village (can’t tell)
    Upon further investigation, there also seems to be the foundation for a small structure on a nearby mountain
    There is a sign reading “FPSjunkie’s new house” at the foundations. I’m not sure but I think this is not a current user of the server?
    Admin Testsite warp?

    X.-329 Z.-1986
    This is the warp for Arks zombie-game city
    The Warp goes directly into the city, which is both very dangerous and not ment to be escapable.
    There are no other structures around that I can see
    Minigame warp

    X.-1697 Z.-834
    Named after user who hasn’t been on, so far as I’m aware, in some time.
    Has a Nether Portal.
    Structure is reasonably large, but it is the only obvious structure in the area and can reasonably be assumed to all belong to the 1 previously mentioned user.
    Further exploration reveals that it is a short walk away from the Solar System Rail, in such a position that it should also be relatively close to the Gamma Transit that will go out that way.
    Also found some other, smaller structures near the rail that may or may not be related.

    X.930 Z.-2738
    The location of this warp seems to have been chosen randomly.
    There is a Nether portal.
    There are several small structures in the area, but most seem to have been abandoned
    The main structure is a mountain complex which no doubt belongs to Dragonsmp
    I don’t remember the last time Dragonsmp was logged on. He may no longer be an active user?

    X.-617 Z.2478
    Has the titular dungeon as well as a structure built on top of it
    There is one other structure in the area: A seemingly abandoned Skyscraper in a state of construction
    Minigame warp

    Warps to the End
    Location has enderman farm
    Warp point seems to have been chosen fairly arbitrarily
    Has a tram to the main The End landmass
    Difficult to reach without warp

    X.-5306 Z.-4032
    Named after a(n active) user
    City/Fort that was presumably built by flawed is in the area
    Jungle in the area
    No other obvious structures in the area

    X.-1793 Z.-199
    New location for spawn
    I assume this point is going to be removed when it changes over. It’s listed here for reference it its Coordinates

    X.-1022 Z.2143
    Large City-structure build by me.
    Has numerous penthouse lots, both claimed and unclaimed
    No other structures in the immediate area that I am aware of

    X.4942 Z.-752
    Named after a(n active) user
    Goes to an XP grinder
    NOT in Googleplx’s main compound
    Has a Netherportal

    X.-4686 Z.1009
    Medium-sized obsidian structure in the sky above an ocean
    Can only seem to be reached using the warp or flying
    Though the name implied an intended use, it doesn’t seem to actually be sued for anything
    There is no way out of the council area short of flying or griefing

    X.20152 Z.12662
    Warps to a jungle
    Kind of crazy-far out
    Only obvious structure in area is NCP village

    X.-10514 Z.88
    Warp location seems to have been chosen at random
    Warps to small treetop jungle house/town

    X.6095 Z.6404
    Warps to the front-steps of Kahalis’ Palace
    Location seems to be arbitrary (in the center of the steps but absolutely nothing making it should be here)
    Definitely nothing in the area accept for Kahalis’ City, Kikallipolis

    X.1303 Z.-41
    Warps to in front of Kaymonsta’s house
    Location seems to have been randomly chosen
    Only other structure in area is a small tower that is confirmed abandoned

    X.6606 Z.6666
    Warps to cathedral in Kah’s city
    The actual warp point is not marked, and I am confident it was chosen just for the coordinates
    Nothing around accept for Kah’s city (which is massive)

    X.-8000 Z.-6000
    There’s a nether portal here
    Warps to massive bedrock tower with large flat tracks of empty blocks below it
    Considering the coordinately, construction state and fact that this is a new warp, this was almost certainly made by someone who was OP’d and is likely fairly new
    In its current sate,a aside from the tower itself, it is a rather uninteresting, barren and flat landscape
    This is an admin testsite warp

    X.-3064 Z.-1141
    Warps to a small tree farm that is underground
    This warp is underground
    There are no other structures in this area, and no real room for growth

    X.-27 Z.576
    Warp location seems to have been chosen randomly
    The titular structure is fairly small
    The most prominent structure in the surrounding area is a maybe abandoned fort that is also in the immediate area of Arena.

    X.3669 Z.4934
    Warps to Shroom binome island developed by Mechs
    Room for growth but nothing currently here aside from fortifications and airstrip built by Mechs

    X.2800 Z.700
    Warps to temple-like structure
    The actual warp location seems to have been chosen arbitrarily
    There are no other obvious structures in the immediate area

    Midway Station
    X.6000 Z.0
    Warps to claustrophobic subway exchange station
    Connects to 3 different lines
    At bedrock level, meaning deep underground with no real room for expansion
    Warp point seems to have been chosen arbitrarily

    X.-1013 Z.208
    Named after a user (who may no longer be active? Not sure)
    Location seems to have been chosen at random.
    There are several modestly sized mountain-top structures in the area.
    None of them seem to have been recently maintained

    X.-1941 Z.283
    Warps to mountain top/inside town
    No other obvious structures in area
    I’m pretty sure it was mostly built by just 2 or 3 people
    There is plenty of room for expansion by new contributors

    Warps to the nether
    As the nether was reset, this now warps people into basically taking a lava bath
    This warp should be removed

    X.1319 Z.2886
    Named after (active) user
    Warp location needs to be moved (I popped up on the corner of the roof of the structure that is seemingly intended to house the warp)
    Several small structures in the area. Not sure who built what, but the going assumption is that most were made by NGR

    X.3406 Z.533
    Warps to inside a “Pirate ship”
    The location itself is unmarked and seems pretty arbitrary
    There are signed listing the users involved, and of around 6 only 1 is still active (N_G_R)
    There are no other obvious structures in the area

    X.-5233 Z.3533
    Warps to large town/fortress/structure
    The whole structure was made by 1 person (don’t recall who atm)
    There are one or two other structures in the area but based on style and size they were build by the same person who built the port
    There is a lot of room for growth

    X.239 Z.2327
    Seems to be named after a user
    There’s a beefed up NPC town in the area, as well as a small temple. Can’t find any other structures
    underdeveloped but room for growth

    X.251 Z.112
    Warps to old spawn
    Lots of structures around it
    We should probably rename this to avoid confusion

    X.-528 Z.1767
    Warps to the top of a moderately sized stone bowl-in-the-ground structure
    The warp point seems to have been chosen arbitrarily
    The bowl is full of villager and zombie spawners, hinting at its intended purpose
    It is extremely close to Twothum’s island, which is where the only nearby structures are

    Coordinates are not relevant as this location is inescapable
    It is at bedrock level, small dark (we should add some lights) and made of Bedrock
    This should probably only be accessible to Lawmen

    X.20514 Z.14157
    Warps to a treetop in a jungle, near a beach
    Warp points seems to be completely random
    Only obvious structure in the area is a featureless, WE’d glass dome underwater
    This is an admin testsite warp

    X.1815 Z.347
    Warps to snow field in front of an obsidian tower
    The warp location seems to have been randomly chosen
    The obsidian tower is in the distance, across a chasm, and the only obvious structure in the area

    X.-984 Z.975
    Warps to within Trench’s Castle
    Only other obvious structure in the immediate area is an Obsidian “Great Wall” type structure that is covered in WE points
    The Castle itself is quite large and there is CONSIDERABLE room for growth

    X.-768 Z.-1152
    Warps to the Grounds of the main tower on Twothum’s island
    All immediately surrounding structures were built by twothums
    Many of those structures have internal suites built and owned by other users

    X.-16000 Z.-16000
    Named after a user
    Has the beginnings of a town but underdeveloped
    Asside from the city structures, which were nearly all built by Viraldemon, there is nothing else in the area
    Because of the construction of the city, it would be difficult for non-Creative Mode users to contribute to it in a meaningful way.

    X.-287 Z.-115
    Warps to inside Trent’s dome-structures
    The structure is large, but also literally right beside the FoA
    There are some other structures around the dome, probably belonging to various people giving its proximity to old spawn

    X.-1006 Z.-654
    Warps to an underground structure
    Literally right under the Very very end of the Solar System Rail.
    Several structures in its proximity
    Contained Triforce Mike Tribute
    MY OPINION: Despite its closeness to other warps, this one has special significance that means it should be kept. We should probably give the upper levels an upgrade, though, and make it a more relevant transfer station

    X.1287 Z.1143
    Warps to right in front of Mopkin’s Yugo sprite art
    Budding if slightly underdeveloped town is nearby
    Might be slightly abandoned
    Room for growth

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Now, to address the above…

    I spent a good 3 or 4 hours today collecting and recording all that data. There are a few obvious places it reveals where action can immediately take place. For the rest, I’ll leave it to others to decide as I feel I’ve contributed more than my fair share to the waypoint discussion at this point in time. That said, keep in mind that our current soft goal is 20 or less waypoints.

    Now here are those obvious things so you don’t need to dig through the data to find them yourselves:
    Spactacle, luksgreenhouse and netherwart farm can and should all be immediately deleted. Th first 2 are both poorly positioned while being very close to other, better established waypoints. The third is a waypoint to a location that no longer exists thanks to the nether reset and in fact has a good chance of quickly giving whoever uses it a lava bath.

    I listen in the waypoint descriptions whenever I found a nether portal. All those portals should be checked and if necessary fixed so that they link properly. I also believe that most if not all of the locations that have nether portals could just as easily have their warps removed and rely of those portals for access, but this is more suggestion than task.

    There are several points listed as “Minigame waypoint”, which brings up an interesting issue. Having waypoints for minigames is a good idea. It lets you control entry into them while also allowing anyone with a job title easy access to your game. However I think we all agree that having these locations listen with the rest of the points is confusing and leads to a bloated warp page. With this in mind, we may want to see if it is possible to create masked warp commands or even custom page listings for warping. This, if possible, would allow us to have the best of both worlds and enable teleporting to these locations without clogging the warp list.

    Similar to the above are warps marked as “Admin testsite”. These are interesting locations, but not immediately useful or even necessarily desirable for players. They are the natural consequence of people running around making warps without thinking about it, but also can serve a useful purpose for an admin who is often called away (or wants to get input or help). If the suggested solution for the minigames works, it would also be applicable to these, until such a time they were either not needed or could be committed to the main warp list.

    Finally there’s the superjail warp. This one is a little trickier. It is useful to have a location like this, but by its nature its not the sort of thing that everyone should have access to, and we definitely don’t want it using up space in the main warp listing. If possible (and I don’t know if it is possible) we want to limit access to this warp to just certain user groups (Lawmen and Admins). At the very least though, it like the above should be moved onto a sub-warp command/page instead of the main list.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I agree entirely with the suggestions of Kaosubaloo.

    For the Commonwealth!


    @twothumbs : Your post 30158

    The more I think of it, the more I like the idea of a more limited shopkeep class/subclasses. Personally, I would add four more classes to that list.
    Grocer: to provide food, seeds, and live stock. Would need a way to spawn eggs. More helpful topeople that cannot be bothered cooking beef or making bread.
    Botanist: for non farmable plants like flowers, lily pads, dry shrubs. Could also provide leaf blocks, saplings, pots.
    Wizard: potion ingredients, actual potions, and enchanted books.
    Bricklayer: clay, clay bricks, clay brick blocks, stone bricks, nether bricks, and quartz.

    "Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome." Isaac Asimov


    My Warp, Yugo is next to my town. I made the town a while ago and attempted to make it into a community, but it never took. Now that communities and things like this are being looked upon, I highly recommend that you find a place within city walls and start building. This can be a very well looking Structure/ mass of structures.

    For the Commonwealth!


    So @kaosubaloo I have an idea about the mingames and dungeon warps. A new class one that is easy to add or remove. The class is adventurer. This class will be the only non-lawmen class to have those warps. Since they have adventure mode on they can’t break blocks. I will add more to this when I get to a computer and not my phone.

    He touched my balls alot.


    I’m fine with removing the “googleplx” warp – my main site is accessible by road (alphaspawnish), and at some point I’ll connect to the community rail.


    Speaking of connecting to the community rail … it would take some minor alterations to do so. Don’t want to go futzing around with others hard work without permission. Since the limewire runs through my neck of the woods, I figured to set up a terminal there. It would involve a stop in the limewire, and I wasn’t sure if it was intended to have fresh cuts or just to be a scenic rail to the wilds.


    If you build a terminal there I request a spot for a nether portal with the top of the bottom block at height 97 and preferably in line with the track.

    Steam: Garayur


    We discussed it in game, but “Lin City” is not an admin test site. All of the roads, sidewalks, subway, and 16 of the 36 blocks were laid by hand, not OP. (To my great relief, Jon helped with the other 20 blocks.)

    I think it is appropriate to have a warp there because it is the only big structure in the region. My hope is that I can attract people to settle there, which will greatly assist in the construction of the city. Even if they don’t like the city, it can be used to get into the surrounding area, which aside from my stuff is basically untouched.

    Why should a person settle in Lin City?

    1) This is a regional warp point with plenty of room to build.

    2) Because Lin City is built above ground level, and is massive, there is a huge undercity region that will always be filled with monster spawns. You can fight to your heart’s content! (Construction of access to undercity in progress)

    3) Lin City is easy to navigate — the streets are straight, and there are subways that get you within 1 city block of anywhere you want to go.

    4) Lin City has nether access (link to unified transport system pending)

    5) In addition to the city proper, there are 200 meters of land in each direction associated with the city. These are perfect for building country homes, farms, mines, and what have you.

    6) Lin City is far enough away from any spawn that griefing is unlikely.

    7) Although it is open for people to build, Lin City is not open to random building. There is a central planning commission, so you don’t have to worry about a dozen inns, a sprite blocking your view, and so on.

    It is true that right now, the city is pretty boring. But that is where you come in! Apply for a building permit today, and receive one free voucher for an Architect Materials Pack!


    I’ve posted elsewhere too but I’m covering all the bases. We will be moving spawn next Friday (the 12th), so any Gamma renovations should be done or tidied up by then.

    Also I managed to whittle down the warp list to two pages, so that’s a start.

    Head of Science and Technology for Nerdy Show.

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