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    Swearing is my natural vocabulary. I use it everyday in normal conversations. Here is the thing, Flawed you just needed to say most people are agreeing with me. However you went a step further and said “And for once, a majority of the server’s active population actually seems to agree with me on this, so never say never.” Making it not just a point that people agreed with you but also a point that your somehow normally an outcast that deserves sympathy in this regards since it’s a situation that is not normal to you. And Kaos has been bringing attention to himself for a while now. With saying “he should know I talked to Cap”, announcing everyone’s builds instead of letting them talk bout it, and announcing he moved my post when I posted it in the wrong thread. He is being an attention whore and it’s somewhat annoying.

    He touched my balls alot.


    The other thing is, I rarely see some of the old builders on. Maybe life has gotten in the way maybe not. But I’m tired of rebuilding, I’m tired of starting a build over again just because a new update came out and added something new. A server restart is not something I look forward to, it’s something that I loathe, since it seems more of a chore. It makes building things worthless, since their will always be something new added each update. Hell it took over a year since the last restart to start doing Minecraft articles again. Half of everything on the server yet hasn’t even been seen. More then likely if it does get reset I’ll be done with the SoA. As there will be no reason to care anymore, since it will be reset again and again and again. Everything you do is worthless, we can’t even import mega structures since importing them will crash the server. The history of the server will be gone. There will be no Eight wonders of The Server, remnants of the old are gone. SV’s under water lair, the lava bridge, Mechsrules giant Lava Turd, the Watchmen Smiley face, the Pool Table, we gave up on those and new people have no idea about them. The server reset may have brought some people in, but community wasn’t really fostered people scattered so that they could build megabuilds with out encroaching on other peoples spaces not to avoid griefers. Hell Kahalis tried to foster community by having monthly events in his city. It didn’t work. Also I haven’t seen anything happen like it did on the old server, with people trying to start cities where people could buy plots of land and build a house. Remeber the Assassin Civil War? That happened on the old SoA. It didn’t require a limited map, a map that could be mapped, or anything else you mentioned. It happened on its own. I say the server restart killed the community like the forum restart did.

    He touched my balls alot.


    Twothums said…
    Do what the fuck you want. We reset the last server because Minecraft was officially released. It went from 0.x to 1.x. If I would ever agree to a server reset it would be when Minecraft is at 2.x. Or a major new realm is added and not a boss fight realm. And don’t give me this boo-hoo this is the only time people agree with me sob story, that’s almost as bad as Kaos having to bring attention to everything he does.

    There is a big difference between a dirty mouth and a hostile one. I’m not exactly sure what I did that I deserve to a attacked like this but aside from trying to be hurtful I really see no reason you would do so. This is not the sign of a calm, rationale discussion.

    …And since you mentioned the forums, do you honestly think the current state of the forums is good? Because it’s not. We have basically no growth and even with our current population it should be more active then it is. But all of the many technical issues we’ve had in the past year, most of which were just recently solved, have significantly and negatively impacted forum activity. The forums, at least, are now in a state where the problem is capable of solving itself with an influx of new users. (Though all the current users posting more topics wouldn’t hurt either)

    Unfortunately the same can not be said for the Minecraft server. Whether or not we decide on a reset as the solution, the server will require a solution in the end. It has serious problems, many of them the natural result of its old age. I personally think that reseting the server is the best one. clearly you disagree. In this case I strongly recommend and encourage you to put forward actual solutions (saying “We can fix it with world edit” is not especially helpful) as alternatives. You know, get an actual discussion going instead of attacking the people who support the idea you’re against.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Twothums, Don’t get me wrong on this, but you sound like you just had a REALLY REALLY bad day and you have a bad case of insomnia, and have been unable to sleep for 10 hours. Bluntly said- Take about 20 chill pills and let’s talk this over like human beings- not rabid wolverines. I second Flaw’s motion. In the end we can World-Edit some structures on this server that are very dear to us.

    For the Commonwealth!

    Sage Zer0

    I’m going to stick on Twothums’ side here. I see NONE of these so called problems you speak of whatsoever when I’m on aside from the random prick joining for the first time and almost immediately asking for OP. New Spawn City being congested? Here’s an idea, move the spawn point or MAYBE NOT STICK IN THE SPAWN AREA AND EXPLORE SOME (not meaning to “shout” just putting emphasis on the point).
    Again, just because some new things are added is no reason to chuck the whole thing. Let’s face it, most of us who have been around a while or are at least regulars already have creative (or at least merchant kits) to use or distribute to the droves who ask for items because they don’t want to spend time searching.

    @Mopkins It seems you didn’t read the part where attempting to world edit in a significantly large build could crash the server. For a personal example, the MAJOR build I have been working on for the better part of the last year, which I have only recently come even close to seeing it to fruition (which on the old SoA hadn’t even come to half of the near completion it is at currently) which the various parts of the whole take up in upwards of 1sq km by 255 vertical.

    Having to rebuild over and over is no real different (in fact worse) than being griefed and having to rebuild then, because you’d have to find a similar or equally suitable location and start from the ground up. If we are going to act like this and since bukkit isn’t working, we can cut down the congestion of New Spawn City by burning it to the ground and get roughly the same result.

    Ultimately, anyone who has any significant builds in the works or done and doesn’t implicitly agree with a total reset may be discouraged from coming back.


    A reset isn’t going to fix a damned thing. The exact same thing is going to happen again if we don’t fix the underlying problems.

    "You'd be surprised how many calories hedonism burns."


    Arkais Said…
    A reset isn’t going to fix a damned thing. The exact same thing is going to happen again if we don’t fix the underlying problems.

    Which is why Flawed suggested solutions to those problems, I voiced my views on the merits of each, and then added my own suggestions to help fix them. Unfortunately, “We shouldn’t do X because it won’t help” is, in itself, not a useful statement. I mean, I’m not saying that resetting the server is necessarily the best solution here. None of us are. What we are saying is that it’s the best idea we’ve so far thought up. So seriously, please, offer an alternative solution. Or at the very least explain *why* you think our proposed solutions are so fundamentally flawed.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    I have heard your words and I agree with them- Although I wouldn’t mind a restart myself, it won’t accomplish much, and there are always ways to get new stuff on the server. It might not be as good, but it will have to do. I know that there are others that also have GIGANTIC builds that have not even been half built, but have been building from the very start of this server.

    For the Commonwealth!


    It seems several comments I made in the course of my posts may have been me simply shoving a foot into my mouth. Suggesting a server reset is proving to be every bit as divisive as I expected. However, it wasn’t my only suggestion. Moving spawn is also a good idea, in my opinion, and may be a good step forward in the interim.

    Also, regarding my comment about “people finally listening to me,” yeah, okay, I didn’t phrase it very well. I’m not a very eloquent speaker. However, this is not the first time I’ve made a suggestion like this one, but this IS the first time it’s gained this much traction. The spirit of my comment stands, though the phrasing could have gone better.

    However, if the reset of the server is going to cause people to quit, or contemplate quitting, then it’s obvious that doing so wouldn’t be an improvement. Quite the opposite really. To butcher a metaphor, I truly wish I could have my cake and eat it, but it’s looking like this cake isn’t even going to make it out of the oven in an edible condition.

    Despite what my username says, I am certifiably flawless.
    Please echo "all complaints and suggestions" > /dev/null.


    Okay so I’ve gone through this topic and here are some meaningless numbers I want to throw at you all for context to the next thing I’m going to say.

    So far I could 5 People who support resetting the server, 3 who don’t really care either way, and 3 who are actively against it. That’s a support/neutral/against ratio of:


    So in other words less than 50% of the posters thus far have a firm stance of wanting a reset, which is most likely too little. In light of this, let’s temporarily shelf that debate (so much as it is a debate) and instead focus on other solutions to our problems that don’t involve resetting everything. Moving spawn is a good start, but by itself would at best be a stop-gap measure without a more involved plan in place. It also doesn’t solve more ingrained issues, like loading new chunks or the vast desert oasis mentality that has gone into the current lay of the land.

    To this effect I will start by reiterating my original 2 addendums. I think both are equally applicable to the current server as they would be to a theoretical replacement.

    Kao said…
    First, we should be a LOT more frugal with warp points. These are the biggest excuse for people to fall back on when they decide building 20km from spawn is a good idea. “Well, it’s only 1 warp away!” We do not want this to be the case. What’s more, in having an excess of warp points, it strongly discourages proper exploration. Why would you walk anywhere when you can just warp after all! This is not to say that they have no place. Maybe whoever sets up the transit system can set certain Warp Point Alters, or perhaps you can assign 1 (and *only* one) point to each person with a high-level trade. There are multiple solutions to this problem, but it IS a problem and I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to that.

    Second of all, and this has less to do with Flawed’s stuff specifically and more to do with general quality of life: We should have more OP’d users. Currently we have 5 or 6 OP’d users, most of which have not logged in this year. Even the most active one, Ark, is rarely on for long and when he is he’s often AFK. The server would generally run more smoothly normally if we had 2 or at most 3 relatively active OP’d players. (And that becomes a necessity when Minecraft updates and bukkit goes down.) I understand why you’re not on; you’re busy, life happens, I get it. I even get your reasons for not wanting to OP anyone. But it is a simple fact that we need a little more active administration then we are currently getting and you’re pretty much going to need to accept that that means trusting one or two veteran users with OP powers.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!


    Whether a reset happens or the current server remains, a large concerted effort to build better transportation networks would be relevant. A proper overland connection between the Old and New continents is the least we could do. I say OVERLAND because the damnable underground subways are NOT the way to go. Their needless twists and turns are confusing and their enclosed nature does not allow the sightseeing and easy orientation proper transportation should foster. For a start, it would be trivial to connect the Solar System rail, which goes from New Spawn Harbor all the way to just short of Kaopolis, to the Old Spawn overland monorail. But expanding both old and new networks into a grid-like pattern covering most of the known world would be the ideal long term solution. I envision the rails as a straight grid forming 1000×1000 unit squares that we could then use as coordinates.

    Our current Nether installations also need to be scrapped entirely. The Nether is currently impossible to navigate in a civilized manner and, to me, New Nether and Old Nether feel thoroughly disconnected and disjointed. I propose the institution of a Nether task force with the mandate of outright destroying most portals in both the Nether and Overworld and fixing the entire thing back into sanity. Efforts should also put put forward to terraform the immediate vicinity of both Old and New Spawn on the Nether side and place direction signs and safehouses along Nether paths when relevant.

    Sure, a reset would allow us to properly do these things from ground zero, but they are also doable in the server’s current iteration.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.


    Ok then, if we are carrying forth under the banner of improving the current transit (as at least one of the talking points)…

    The way I see it, we have two options for a starting point;

    Option A: Flawed’s solar system road goes 95% of the way east from newspawn to Kaopolis. The north-bound rails from the old FoA end somewhere around 400m shy of the same [Z] coordinates (roughly z:-700). We could create a station platform at the end of the solar system rails, and then create tracks east to meet up with the nothrthbound x0z0 line. This would take us over/through/around Kaopolis, which requires input from Kaosubaloo on which of those three options is preferred (I for one don’t want to mess with Kao’s skyline).

    Option B: From the old FoA, start the westbound line, take it the full three-point-something kilometers west and then head north six or seven hundred meters to Newspawn.

    Note that both options should probably be done, we just need to get working on at least one of them first. Option A is my preference – partially as I have some waypoints marked in rei’s that are much much further north, so I might just end up extending the northbound x0z0 line to there – another 3500m.


    I am up for building a new transpo system. If my WE powers still work when we gets stuff back up and running I can Lay down the groundwork very quickly. Just give me the coordinates of where the lines start and end, where they switch and everything. I will lay the ground someone can lay the rail. Or better I can lay rail just someone put in powered rail later.

    He touched my balls alot.


    Is there any way the mods mentioned can be implemented? they would be just as useful on the current server as a new map. A cleaning and revamp of the warp points might help as well. If they could be made available to all users, it would be a way of suggesting places to visit as long as we can prevent griefing from it. One of the reasons I went for prospector was so I could explore the warp points more fully.

    I’m fully with Raven about the nether network. We need to designate some something for nether travel. Real world travel networks are fine, but sometimes you want to cover some distance fast. I tried setting paths between neter portals and syncing some of the worse offenders up around old spawn, but the large variety of build heights and poor placement made that a difficult task. Designating say, height 108( the current height of the old spawn rail system) for quick travel nether portals will let us link the portals in a much more organized fashion. If we can combine say, rail stations and the nether portals that might work even better. We would have express and scenic routes.

    Steam: Garayur


    @The Rail through Kaopolis thing: I would consent to such a rail at ground or underground levels. It would be out of place in the Upper, but could very easily be made to fit right in with the Lower or Under City. Just make sure you tell me which one you go with so I can prep the area.

    @The Warp thing: I think it might be possible to make it so that some warps are open to everyone and the rest are available only to people with titles. However I’m not intimately familiar with the mod that provides the roles and so can not know for certain.

    Guess who, it's Kaosubaloo!

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