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    With the advent of some of the 1.5 stuff like hoppers and droppers, I have built myself a new ‘shop’ The Smeltery!

    Located in scenic Newspawn Undercity, The Smeltery is here to look after all your smelting needs! Is it fast? With only 4 furnaces running, not really (2m40s for a 64 block stack + 15s transit time). What it IS is low-maintenance and high-volume (on that note, you may want to turn your speakers down, the droppers tend to make a loud clicking noise. 😐 ). This baby can slowly-but-surely process up to three double-chests worth of smelting! all you have to do is load it with your desired material. Or materials! The Smeltery cares not how you load it, if it can be smelted, it will be smelted.

    Due to the ever-present threat of griefing, it is recommended that upon entering the Smeltery you first send 4-8 cobblestone blocks through the system to verify its integrity. The system is prone to being clogged by un-smeltable materials that may inadvertently end up in the input box. You do not necessarily need to be present for operation, as long as someone has the chunks involved loaded it will continue to chug along – But I cannot prevent anyone from waltzing in and taking your stuff from the output box.

    “But Trent”, you ask, “what is the cost of this service?”

    The service if free – although if you are so inclined, there is a fuel chute next to the output box (on the wall opposite the input – Coal/Charcoal only, please). However, this is not entirely necessary, as The Smeltery is currently supplied to handle in excess of 205000 individual smelting operations before running out of coal.

    So pay The Smeltery a visit. And remember; If you dealt it, we smelt it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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