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The Real Congregation :: Fifth Anniversary Episode :: 10/21/14

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    Ok i just listened to “by the number” and after being fully informed about steele Dan I heard that this was the first introduction of the journey which was at the time the project. Then I realized if @marcwithac has been doing this for two years and only has reach DE, then your collection is massive, but how is this organized. Are you listening to lps, eps, mp3s, music files, please of you would describe your journey physical sourse materials


    @marcwithac have you ever watched Scratch: The Movie? I know you aren’t the biggest hip hop head, but there is an extensive collection about digging for breaks that I suspect you can relate to (around the 50 minute mark):


    @marcwithac, I am sorry to hear that TRC has come to a close. It has been a real pleasure to listen in to your musical musings. I put off listening to this episode mainly because I saw the spoiler on this thread before the download finished.

    I’m honestly not surprised by the end, there has been a few episodes in the last year where the weight of trc is apparent, but I am no less saddened by it’s conclusion. It’s been a great ride and my playlist has grown exponentially with 100% of the credit belonging to you, Marc.

    If you keep through the journey, let me know when you get to the Decemberists. I’ve just discovered them through the squiddy episode and am enjoying what Amazon prime has available so far. (Ten tracks each from “Picaresque” and “Castaways and cutouts”)


    Now @marcwithac I have to ask about the journey again. I just listened to by the numbers, the first episode of the journey, and it made realize that if you are only up to DE then your collection must be massive. But what is the collection lps eps, mp3s, what is the journey’s physical source material?


    @Max – Never watched “Scratch”, but it’s on my to-do list!

    – Thanks so much, I’m really happy to hear that the show gave you new tones to jam out to! I cleared The Decemberists a week or so ago, maybe longer than that. The stand outs for me were “Picaresque” and “The Tain”. I own all of the major releases except for “Hazards Of Love”, which just doesn’t do it for me.

    @Armadon – It’s basically any music that I own physically. Vinyl, CD, casette, 8-track, and I do count musical DVD’s as well if they are an uninterrupted concert. All of those are eligible. I do not factor in digital music on mp3 or FLAC. It’s cool to be able to hear it, but it’s not necessarily part of a “collection”. In two days I’ll be done with Descendents. The trouble is that “real life” sometimes gets in the way of what I dub my “daily required listening”, and it’s not something I’m able to take part in as regularly as I’d planned. Still sticking through it. And once I get to Z? I’ll turn around and listen to all the stuff that I bought during the first pass of the journey.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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