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The new Nerdy Show office & the Dorito stockpile

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    This is the house the Nerdy Show fans have built. It’s nothing much to speak of, just a small room in an undisclosed location, but it’s our first truly designated recording space, and you guys are paying the rent. We’ve had a couple regular recording spaces in the past, like the back room of A Comic Shop, but never a permanent spot. Now we do. No more breaking down our gear after every recording. No more storing Nerdy Show merch in a garage.

    We’re still working on it. I just bought some soundproofing today. (dang, that shit is expensive!) So there’s more work to be done. But I wanted to thank everyone for making this possible. It’s another small step towards ultimate awesomeness and we couldn’t do it without you. Every little bit counts. We’ll post some photos of the room once it’s a bit more exciting to look at, but in the meantime I wanted to showcase another fan accomplishment – the Dorito Stockpile:

    Suffice it to say, unless another amazing new flavor comes out, we’re good for a while! (Though if anyone finds a cache of Salsa Rio, let me know!) It makes me miss Mike all the more knowing I’m the only D&D cast member in Orlando who loves the spicier Doritos and I’ll be eating them alone. (I’ll be shipping some off to Brian, Colin, and Lefty so they can share with me). Oddly enough there’s no Taco in this shot – Hex and Ruel have devoured them all. There’s 23 varieties in this photo!

    We’ve got a lot of really cool stuff planned for the summer that I’m excited about. You amazing people help make all this possible. You’ve got our eternal thanks for your continued support and reaching out to us. We’re proud to have one of the coolest fan communities we’ve ever seen ON EARTH. The next best thing to supporting the show is getting more people into the show. Tell your friends, share an episode or two with them, and let the awesomeness grow!


    Do you guys know if you can get Chilli Heatwave Doritos in the US (It’s kind of a sweet chilli taste)? I’d like to donate something to the Doritos stockpile and that’s the only one of the 4 flavours we get in the UK that I can’t find any sign of in the US. The others we share are original (salted), nacho cheese and plain.


    I’d like to consider Finland to have a high standard of living and all, but, er, I must now reveal my horrible secret.

    We don’t really have Doritos here.

    I think couple of shops might have started selling them, like literalily last year, but as a rule of thumb picking a shop at random you won’t find any.


    It’s beautiful… I’m at a loss for words… they should have sent a poet.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.


    I don’t believe America has Chili Heatwave, at least I have never seen them. Also, what is the difference between original and plain? Do the plain chips just have no salt?


    I am without words when I view the glorious stockpile that is the image you have posted. That image alone has inspired me to do great things.

    For the Commonwealth!


    @Cap & @KeyWestReactor There’s no need to be modest, this is, hands down, the coolest fan community in the universe, ever. Period.

    And just in case someone disagrees, I present my counter argument:

    Nerdy Show's Nefarious Community Manager & Summoner of Eldritch Horrors from Cyberspace


    DAYUM that’s cool. Lots of doritos, as it should be! Glad you guys have a dedicated recording space now, so much simpler if you don’t have to take shit down all the time.

    Glad to be a part of this awesome community, keep up the good work. Also, @trench, I agree with your post…fuck you, Spiderman is the reason we rule 😀


    Aw man, you guys have a dedicated room with soundproofing?! Aren’t you fancy?!

    Derpy Show is usually just recorded in my bedroom, except for this week’s episode, which was recorded somewhere so acoustically terrible that I almost scrapped the whole thing.

    Someday we’ll be cool like you and have funding and flavored corn chips.


    Impressive good sirs


    we have those dynamite deals right here in Ohio… not only mexico… just sayin:)

    meaningless repetition is the hobgoblin of little minds meaningless repetition is the hobgoblin of little minds meaningless repetition is the hobgoblin of little minds


    I saw a bag of Smoky Chipotle BBQ for the first time yesterday. Bought them and hid them in my workplace’s personal secret emergency lunch stash.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.


    @Tolan rocks the house. 1st (Blazin’ Jalapeno), 2nd (Fiery Buffalo), and 3rd (Scorchin’ Habanero) Degree Burn Doritos. They’ve been discontinued in America for years, but he found ’em in Canada and sent some Stateside.

    Fun fact: Scorchin’ Habanero is the most coveted Dorito in Tiefling culture, at least in Cleave-Land. Read up on it in Jen’Ifer’s bio:


    Man, I did not realize those were the same flavor. I guess the Tieflings of Cleave-land simply did not go far afield enough to find a new vein of their favorite corn chip. But then again, what devil-spawn would think to look in Canada?

    On a scale of 1 to everyone dying I say let's aim for a 7.


    I saw a couple bags of these at the convenience store yesterday. First time I had seen them. Thought they were something new, not a discontinued flavor being brought back. Fiery Buffalo are amazing, though you need to keep a glass of water nearby. Or ten.

    Do you have Intense Pickles stateside or is this another one that’s Canada specific? ‘Cause they’re pretty good.

    All the fun parts of life are optional.

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