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    Day One for Team Beardy member Wolfboy

    Always yours: 85.6 (easy)
    Bad Apple Good Orange: 77.6 (easy)
    Cafe: 84.5 (easy)
    Celebrate Nite: 73.8 (easy)
    Cheetah Men: 85.3 (easy)
    Double Jump: 12.6 (easy)
    E-Army: 89.4 (easy)
    Fleadh Uncut: 85.5 (easy)
    Galaxy9: 80.1 (easy)
    Game Start: 4.8 (easy)
    GOTCHA: 72.0 (easy)
    Halo: 74.3 (easy)
    Jem: 75.0 (easy)
    Lambada: 76.7 (easy)
    Land of the Rising Sun: 88.5 (easy)
    Little Buster: 84.5 (easy)
    Our Xenopittan: 19.3 (easy In my defense, after the previous song, my legs didn’t wanna work)
    Over the Rainbow: 79.5 (easy)
    Pink Dinosaur: 82.1 (easy)
    Radius: 0.4 (easy WHAT THE HELL?!)
    Rainbow: 69.4 (easy)
    Rainbow Road: 81.3 (easy)
    seE new the world, she knew the world: 91.7 (easy)
    Tango Uniform: 91.7 (easy)
    Tutti Frutti Summer Love: 87.1 (easy)
    Vermillion: 24.4 (easy Why are there so many off beat steps?!)
    Wake Up: 80.8 (easy)

    More to come as I attempt to catch up. And hopefully I’ll progress to higher difficulties.

    PSN name: Wolfboy1988
    Steam name: LG//Wolfboy1988m
    Let's play some games sometime!



    Come join me on Friday Night Fanfiction! It's terrible because we're all terrible! Wednesday nights streaming at 8PM EST on - We have a Discord chat room, you can join up through there.

    Also, I have a website that I never update but there's some cool stuff on it.


    Day Two for Team Beardy Bunch member Wolfboy

    A Yodeller in Texas: 44.1 (easy What beat as the easy chart made for?!)
    Another Winter: 62.2 (easy)
    Ask to Wind: 70.1 (medium)
    Baby Got Back: 47.8 (medium)
    BEAM my BEAM: 44.8 (easy BEAM my BEAM can S my D!!)
    Brave New World: 62.1 (medium)
    Burning Heat: 57.0 (medium I loved this song in DDR Max 2)
    Coffee Shop: 167.1 (easy I had to play this one twice. Forgot to write the score the first time.)
    Daisuki Nano ni: 37.3 (medium)
    Everlasting Love + You: 68.7 (medium)
    Ghost: 77.9 (medium)
    I Think I Like That Sound: 48.1 (medium FUCK THAT DAMNED FAKE OUT!)
    I think we can go to the moon: 66.7 (easy)
    Judgement Day: 87.8 (easy)
    Meteor Shower at Dawn 131.1 (easy This song felt like it was gonna go forever)
    NA-NA: 78.6 (easy)
    Party Rock Anthem: 114.2 (medium)
    Pulsefire Ezreal: 77.7 (medium)
    Queen of Light: 82.4 (medium)
    Return: 72.2 (easy)
    Robotix: 58.7 (medium)
    Superfantastico: 68.4 (easy)
    Tribal Style: 56.1 (medium)
    Xanadu of Two: 67.6 (easy)

    Day Three and possibly eighteen tomorrow. Wish me luck on my 40+ song playing tomorrow.

    Day Three

    Assault Mirage: 77.1 (easy)
    Atomic Jill: 80.0 (easy)
    Beloved Tomboyish Girl: 63.2 (easy)
    Cage To Heart: 76.7 (easy)
    EAT YOU UP: 70.0 (medium)
    Eazy Dance: 81.7 (medium)
    J-E-N-O-V-A: 66.9 (easy)
    KICK THE CAN: 88.3 (medium)
    Lemmings on the Run: 54.4 (medium)
    Less Than Three: 86.0 (easy)
    Maburaho OP: 83.6 (easy)
    Native Faith: 92.3 (easy)
    Palamedes Theme: 72.3 (medium)
    Palette: 64.2 (easy)
    Raspberry Heaven: 95.9 (easy) WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS SHIT?!
    Read a Book: 142.0 (easy)
    Red 13: 85.6 (easy)
    Red Heat: 77.7 (easy) The ending to this song can go straight to Hell!
    Renai Circulation: 79.7 (easy)
    Samurai Blue: 151.8 (medium)
    Take Me Away: 67.8 (easy)
    UN Xenon: 75.6 (medium)
    Unconscious Words: 59.0 (easy)

    EDIT: More days to be posted eventually. That is all.

    PSN name: Wolfboy1988
    Steam name: LG//Wolfboy1988m
    Let's play some games sometime!


    Sorry for dual replying instead of editing, but I’m posting days 18 and 19 and still have to edit the above post for days 4-17

    Day 18

    19, November 78.1 (medium)
    AA 77.7 (easy)
    As the Rush Comes 86.0 (86.0)
    Bad Routine 73.9 (medium)
    Burn for You 66.4 (medium)
    Cachaca 77.1 (medium)
    Castles in the Sky 84.6 (easy)
    Crazy in Love 71.1 (medium)
    Disco Break 68.1 (medium)
    Dynamite Rave 83.8 (easy)
    Funk Boogie 90.4 (medium)
    Groove is in the Heart 51.3 (medium)
    INNOCENCE OF SILENCE 56.7 (medium)
    La Bamba 63.1 (easy)
    Make a Jam 57.3 (medium)
    Midnight Special 28.7 (medium)
    Mondo Street 81.0 (medium)
    Mr. Dabada 66.4 (easy)
    OVERBLAST!! 82.7 (easy)
    Saturday Night Love 83.9 (medium)
    Shiny Disco Balls 77.3 (easy)
    Toxic 93.0 (easy)
    Wookie Wookie 84.5 (medium)
    YMCA 79.9 (easy)

    Day 19

    Addicted 43.6 (medium)
    All My Love 84.1 (easy)
    Always On My Mind 84.1 (medium)
    Big Girls Don’t Cry 79.7 (easy)
    Captain Jack (Grande Remix) 83.1 (easy)
    Crazy Love 75.7 (easy)
    Feel Good, Inc. 64.3 (medium)
    Footloose 69.3 (medium)
    Future Gazer 82.2 (easy)
    Here it Goes Again 78.7 (easy)
    Ice Ice Baby 81.0 (expert THAT WAS THE EASIEST EXPERT SONG EVER!!!)
    Monkey Punk 73.5 (easy)
    more more more 77.2 (easy)
    Pink Lemonade (??) 82.7 (easy)
    Private Eye 91.0 (easy)
    Rotate 80s 61.3 (easy FUCK THOSE DAMNED SPEED UPS! THAT’S NOT FAIR!)
    Rubberneckin’ 67.4 (medium)
    Super Eurobeat 86.6 (easy)
    Tracers 76.0 (easy)
    U Can’t Touch This 72.6 (medium)
    VJ Army 86.4 (easy)
    We Come Alive 79.2 (easy)

    Day 20 is non-canon until further notice

    Day 21

    Okay. One of these songs I think was struck from the list, but I forget which.

    Akumajo Dracula Medley 74.3 (medium)
    Baggy Trousers 37.5 (medium)
    Better Off Alone 57.8 (medium)
    Cyan 133.8 (medium Fuck this song!)
    Demon Gun Shot 62.6 (medium)
    Eat Em Up 59.5 (medium)
    Independent Women Part 1 74.6 (easy)
    INVOKE 170.1 (easy)
    Kyrie 62.7 (medium)
    MOBO*MOGA 51.4 (medium)
    Samus Strut 75.5 (easy)
    Simple And Clean (Planit B Remix) 124.2 (medium)
    Spin 72.4 (easy)
    Start the Commotion 61.9 (medium)
    Summer Vacation 46.8 (medium)
    The Concept of Love 145.0 (easy It was about this point my legs said “FUCK THIS!”)
    THE FINAL COUNTDOWN 68.7 (easy)
    The Way You Make Me Feel 85.1 (easy)
    TwinBee 73.4 (easy)
    Voltage 78.0 (easy)

    PSN name: Wolfboy1988
    Steam name: LG//Wolfboy1988m
    Let's play some games sometime!


    Lost 5 pounds!!

    David "Brushfire" Hubbard is a gamer. Webster's defines a gamer as "one whom enthusiastically plays games." Because of this, he is qualified to have opinions on them.


    Congratulations, David! I don’t know if I lost any weight yet. I don’t has scale. 🙁

    PSN name: Wolfboy1988
    Steam name: LG//Wolfboy1988m
    Let's play some games sometime!

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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