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The Nerd Groove :: Episode 6 :: Love, Hater-Aid, & Final Fantasy

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    Another enlightening session of the Nerdgrove, to think all this stuff was around and I never thought to look.

    a word on MC Cris, does he get a load of flack from people calling him a sellout?

    Dr. Vern

    Thanks Again, I got to meet Chris recently, He was very cool to me and pimped the Orlando Nerd community as the best in the world from the stage. It was a pleasure to meet him.

    Ice Abyzz

    @drvern was it a part of future interview? 😉

    I want to say, in an earlier episode I commented on the ending of the episodes and I can now say you have it nailed down now. The closing is smooth and I have felt it “coming” the last couple of episodes and it’s just perfect. Keep up the amazing work.

    Another side note, have you heard Ken Ashcorp? He’s a… I don’t know how to qualify him… Party Music? He posts all his music on Youtube and has been featured in some nerdy stuff on Youtube. He’s definitely Nerd music, in his catalog you have Pokemon, Gravity Falls and other stuff. Some if it borderline NSFW I’m personally absolutely in love with his work. I’ve always had a soft spot for “party music” when it’s lyrics aren’t brain fryingly stupid, which is definitely the exception, not the rule.

    Dr. Vern

    Somehow, I missed this..Sorry. Unfortunately, Time and Circumstances around meeting MC Chris, didn’t allow me to interview him. I would love to interview him and that still may happen. Thanks for the kudos on the show format, I will always take suggestions on how to improve the show. In the end, I am doing this thing for the Fans and the Genre. Thanks for the lead, I’ll check it out and, for the record, I don’t really care for censorship in any form, so NSFW does not apply to this podcast 🙂 It is definitely, Safe Harbor. My sincere thanks for listening. Tell Your friends

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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